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Spanish castle optical illusion

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And no, this is not one of those "shock sites", those scare me!

But I have this cool site to show to you all. http://www.johnsadowski.com/big_spanish_castle.html

Just stare at the dot in the middle of the picture for 30 seconds, then without moving your eyes, roll your cursor over the picture. I'm not going to say any more so.. just check it out yourself!

EDIT: http://wohba.com/pages/colorlogan0606.html
There's another!
....and another! http://www.johnsadowski.com/2006/05/...-illusion.html
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that is too cool!

I didn't even need to stare for 30 seconds!

I even tried staring a really long time after I rolled the cursor over it and...well I won't say what but it still worked.
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Wow. That was strange. Very strange. I thought I was going blind for a second.

And staring for 30 seconds is like something I cant do. Maybe David Blaine can. lol.
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Awesome At first I thought it was a trick... like it displayed a color image for a second!
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That is really cool!

I was still cringing, waiting for something to jump out at me...I'm so glad it didn't!
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That's so neat, thank you!

I'm so glad you clarified that this wasn't one of those that has some hideous screeching thing jump out at you right when your focusing all your attention on an image! I've been extra cautious about those things since I'm still not over this past Halloween when someone I wouldn't at all have suspected sent me one that scared the ever loving daylights out me. It's a wonder my heart didn't stop!
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