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No it isn't a horror film. It is about a woman named Susan Tom from California who has a lot of foster children with disibilities. It is such a touching documentary and not really depressing but more uplifting to realize that there is a wonderful woman in the world who is willing to sacrifice everything to help out children in need. And it makes you look at your own life and appreciate it more. You should all check it out, it really is a great documentary and the family was featured on the 3rd season of Extreme Home Makeovers.

There is the page,

Here is a disccription if you don't care to visit the site,

Effective documentary about a marginalized woman (Susan Tom) who is
raising some of the most unfortunate but extraordinary children you will ever encounter. Some are severely burnt (Faith). One has cystic fibrosis (Joe), and a bunch of complex personal problems. Several are limbless. The list goes on. The children are a handful, but Susan's unlimited reserve of strength and compassion is what has given these children meaningful lives.

Susan isn't always depicted beneath her saintly halo. In one scene, she, like any human being, loses her patience with her birth daughter and comes across as harsh. In others, she fights exhaustion. The film is about Susan, but it is also about her charges and their own personal struggles to simply survive. Some of the episodes we're shown are pretty heartbreaking and one boy's struggle to live (Anthony who has Epidermolysis Bullosa where the skin blisters, infects and falls off at the slightest touch) is so horrible you can only marvel at his tenacity.

The film has a no-nonsense tone and never becomes too tabloid or too much of a freak show (which would have been highly inappropriate under the circumstances). Director Jonathan Karsh sprinkles a little visual poetry on the pictures and employs an occasional voice-over.

Strong stuff. And fascinating.