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And the New Name is....

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FINALLY! We have a name!!!

Thanks so much to all of you that have been shooting names at me the last week. The votes are in, and read on for the story!!

Jordan hasn't liked ANY of the names I have, so we have been at a stand still!

I gave him:

Squeeker (because that is what she does, she doesn't meow)

The list goes on. All I would get out of him is a No. Arg! Men! Sometimes I swear!!!

SO, tonight, we were playing with her after I took pictures of her asleep in the kitty toy box, and he started singing to her. (He sings to Polly all the time. It is very cute.) He will start out singing a mainstreem song, and change the lyrics to fit the cat. It makes me laugh. It is one of the things I miss most about him when he is not here.


He was petting the kitten and started singing "Roooxanne! You don't have to put out the red light! Roxxxanne!" I said "ROXANNE!!! Let's name her Roxanne and call her Roxy for short!" He giggled and said why? (at this point I knew I had 'im) I said, cause it fits her!!

SO he says, "Okay, whatever. If you like it!" (men)


Roxy it is!

It really fits her personality too! I am so excited!
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Thank goodness she finally has a name!!

More pictures of Roxy please!
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It's funny how the names just hit you all of a sudden. I like it!
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Woo Hoo!!!
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aww, what a cute name lol! My kitty velvet was named after the song "Black Velvet"- it was playing on the radio the day we were bringing her home from the shelter- it was a perfect fit.
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Originally Posted by SnowLeop
Thank goodness she finally has a name!!

More pictures of Roxy please!

I will take lots of pictures of Roxy tomorrow and get them posted up.

She is such a hoot.

It is so funny to watch Polly try DESPERATLY to clean her up, and all Roxy wants to do is PLAY PLAY PLAY. She can't sit still. She is INCAPABLE of sitting still. When she FINALLY sits in one spot more than one minute, she falls asleep.

It is so funny! I am sooo glad I went to Walmart when I did. Those people had given her such an unfair start in life, to be taken away from her mom so young. They even had named her 'Rat'
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Awwww such a good name
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Awww Polly and Roxy go well together! Great choice! But I'm still wanting to see some more pictures...

Who could name a cat "Rat"??
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Okay, well now that Roxy has a name....

She has started limping.

Please see my Help, kitten is limping thread here, and please comment if you have any ideas.
Thanks so much!
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