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Friday's DT!!!

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I see that no one has started the daily thread, so I am taking the liberty to do so! We've had on and off rain and hail all day here. Talk about a miserable day. But, at least its FRIDAY!!! Yeah! I took my math final last night, and I did ok. I'm glad that class is finally over! This quarter I am taking management supervision and speech. Maybe I'll learn how to boss my boss around now. :laughing: 1 1/2 hours left of work. Woo hoo! Have a great weekend everyone. :daisy:
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About to take off from work, but thought I would share some good news with everyone. Hubby found a job! He actually went into a computer place to get prices for a cooling fan, started talking to the guys, and walked out with a job. That's always how his luck is. AND, just to put sugar on top, the radio show he produces (for free right now) is probably going syndicated up in the Great White North. I'll keep all you Canadians informed about that one.

It is a happy day! Hope y'all have a great day and better weekend!!
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Hail? We've just had rain and a little thunder/lightening downtown. I don't think we're expecting much worse than that.

What great news valanhb!

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Heidi, that's wonderful news! I bet you feel like a load has just come off of your shoulders!

Nothing major going on here, yet! No big plans, same yucky, hot, humid weather.
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Great! Everyone has good news, except for the weather in Chicago and Pittsburgh. We've had rain and thunderstorms here too. Spooky, I'm so glad you did well on your test. Towards what degree are you working? Heidi, I've been wondering how the job search was going. Yes, you did say he would just fall into something! Well the computer job and the radio position leading to something concrete? Great!
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Heidi, that's terrific!

My ex-husband is back to his old mind games again. I don't want to go into details, but suffice it to say he couldn't get to me any other way (because I chose to ignore him) so now he's trying to get to me through the courts. It's just one thing after another with him. One day he'll grow up and realize that he's wasted his life being a vindictive jerk. How sad is that?

It's hot here. I really haven't any idea what the temperature is, but there's no air circulation in the office so it feels that much warmer! However I can see a nice snow capped mountain right out my office window, and that makes it worth it.
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Love Spooky's color theme too! I was sitting here minding my own business when I heard this teeny tiny meowing and a frantic deep-throated yowl. I go flying upstairs and here is MacSter perched on top of the scratching post that I gave them this morning. He was so high, he was sure he couldn't get down. Mom was prowling underneath crying at him. I reached up and guided his back paws down the pole in the style that kitties have to climb our of trees. Once he was on the ground, he looked and me, looked and mom and scrammed back up the post! LOL My horses are happy being together after all this time apart. Travler passed his vet check, the money has been sent off for him and he is officially mine!
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Heidi that is great news about your hubby. Hissy it is good that Racer has his friend back with him.
Miserable rainy day here. Spend all of my day off running errands for the BBQ Sunday and now it looks like we will have to have it indoors due to rain. I hope everyone has an excellent weekend!
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Ack!! What a day I had. I am so glad it's Friday because I don't think I would be able to get myself out of bed after the week I had. I don't think all this stress is good for me.

Poor Brian isn't feeling well. He had breakfest at a small cafe today and has been throwing up ever since. I hate seeing him sick and since I can't do anything to help him I feel even worse.

It's my grandmother's birthday on Sunday and my family is having a big party for her at this nice Portugese resturant tomarrow evening. I bought her a porcelain chest that has her birthstone in it along with a gaurdian angel pin with her initial. It's hard to buy for someone who has everything.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Take care guys!!
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Jeanie-I am majoring in real estate. If anyone needs to find a house, you can come to me!
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