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Hubby is in hospital - suspected coronary event

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I just came back home for the hospital and I'm still a bit shaky. I just need to vent little bit so I'm sorry if this comes across confused and lengthy...

I'll start with the good news - it probably wasn't a heart attack and they think they let him go home later tonight.

We've had a long day today. Ron (our baby) has a cold so we started the day at the doctor's, then went to Tel Aviv to visit my mom and came back late in the afternoon. Hubby, known here as Alpha, wanted to go out and jog. He usually jogs twice a week so I wasn't too concerened. He is 32 and generally healthy. There is a history of heart disease in the family - his uncle has dies of a heart attack at the age of 40 something and his dad has a heart attack when he was in his 50s. A couple of months ago his oldest brother had a heart attck at the age of 47. I kept telling him he should get himself checked, but as he's only 32 we left it at that.

Anyway, he went out to jog in the fields behind out house. I stayed at home with baby Ron and was in bed with him, breastfeeding. 50 minutes later or so there was a knock at the door. It was one of the neighbors. I told him I was in bed breastfeeding and thought he'd leave but he said it was too important and he had to come in. He told me that he and his wife had been walking in the fields when they found hubby lying on the ground. He wasn't feeling too well and asked them to contact me and tell me to come and get him with the car...

As soon as I realized what had happened (at first I thought maybe he was sick or something) I immidiately called for an ambulance. The neighbor went to meet the ambulance on the road and show them where in the fields they had to go. I put on my sandals, took Ron in my arms and walked towards the same place. The ambulance arrived while I was still on the way, followed by the neighbor in his car and they took me and Ron with them.

Seeing hubby lying on the ground I think I nearly fainted. That was definitely the scariest moment of my life. Then I saw him move his arm and talk to the paramedics and I knew at least he was alive... The thought of him lying like that alone in the fields waiting for us was too much for me.

Apparently he was running very fast and suddenly felt a pain in his chest and left arm. He slowed down and planned on walking home but the pain became worse and he began to feel weak and numb so he decided to lie down. He had been lying like that for half an hour before those people, our neighbors happened to walk by. That was practically a miracle as people seldom walk there on Friday evening.

I called his brother and he came with his wife and took me and Ron to the hospital where they had taken hubby by the ambulance. They wouldn't let me in the ER with Ron so I waited outside for most of the time. They ran all sorts of tests and the results came out good. Apparently it wasn't a heart attack. They suspect a mild coronary event - nothing serious. I stayed there for 2 hours until the tests results came in. Then one of our friends came over and took Ron and me home (Ron was sleeping restlessly in my lap and really needed to get to bed, especially as he wasn't feeling too well).

So here I am now. Ron is asleep in bed next to me and I'm waiting for hubby to return in a few hours (his brother is still in the hospital with him). I tried to keep calm through the whole thing so I can take care of Ron and keep him happy. Only now, that I'm finally home and he's asleep I can let go a little bit. I'm shaking all over now...

I think I'll go and meditate now for a few minutes, just to get myself back on track.

Thanks for listening...
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I am so glad he is going to be all right. I can't even imagine the shock you felt when you saw him lying on the ground like that. I will put him in my prayers today, tonight and from now on. Hugs to you sweet lady and you take care of yourself. Meditation is good, it centers your soul.
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Oh my goodness! That has to be such a frightening thing to go through. I'm glad that it wasn't a heart attack. Thank goodness your neighbors happened to be walking past the field, or who knows what could have happened. Try and relax and be calm. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh Anne, my heart goes out to you. As if you didn't have enough stress to deal with lately.

I'm so relieved to hear it wasn't a heart attack.

your husband and your family are in my prayers
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Oh, Anne, bless your heart! Anyone would be shaken up over something like that, I've been throug something similar with my father and I know how scary it can be. What makes the situation worse is having to wait for test results to find out exactly what happened.

I'm so sorry that it happend but I'm glad that it's minor. I'm so sorry you had to go through such a tramatic situation. I'll be praying for you all.
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How scary! I'm so glad to hear he is OK. They know so much about the body now and there are many ways to help the body correct itself once we know what is wrong.

You and your husband and baby are in my thoughts. You are all in all of our thoughts.
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Oh, I'm so sorry! That must just chill your heart to see your husband lying there like that. And the doctors! maybe it was a little thing to them, but my goodness! I'm sure it's quite a thing for you!

Thank God for neighbors who stopped.
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Anne, I can only begin to guess at the stress you're feeling. God bless you and your husband. I am praying for him as I type this. I do hope that the doctors will be very thorough in investigating this episode, considering the family history. It's very easy for us to say,"Don't worry," I know, but try to remain optimistic and supportive. He is even more frightened than you, I would guess, and your strength will help him. God bless you and your family.
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I'm glad your hubby will be alright. Are they going to be putting him on a preventative -type medication? Keep safe.
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He's home now. The doctors said he probably had heart related pain, some sort of the beginning of a heart attack and because he laid down to rest it didn't get any worse and no damage was done to the heart.

He was released home and told to go see his GP on Sunday for more checks.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words!
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That must have been so horrible for you both. I am soooo glad he is home and doing okay. I can't imagine how scared I would have been if I was in your situation. My thoughts are with you.
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Anne, I can only imagine how scary and terrible that must have been for you. I am so glad he's home and okay now. It must be a tremendous relief for you.
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I'm so glad everything is ok. It's scary when something like that happens. My dad had open heart surgery a few years ago, and I know how hard any sort of hospital stay is when it's someone you love. I hope he continues to do well.
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Thank goodness your neighbors happened to be going for a walk and found hubby when they did!!! I went through something similiar with my husband once too, so I know how scared you were.

I don't know what the medical system in Israel is like. I hope the doctors there have the technology available to them to perform preventative procedures like an angioplasty just in case hubby ever needs to have this done.

I am glad hubby is back home and feeling better and I hope you aren't feeling so much stress now. You and your family will be in my thoughts.
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Anne - what a terrible ordeal! My prayers are with you!
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How terrifying that must have been! My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way to you and Alpha. What a scary, scary thing! I hope that further testing with his GP reveals that everything is ok.
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Anne! I didn't see this till now! I am so sorry you and your husband had to go through all this! it must have been horrible! I would have been so scared! But thank goodness everything seems to be okay and no harm was done to his heart!!!!

Please let us know what he finds out on Sunday when they run the tests....you both and little Ron will be in my prayers!!!!!
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Anne, Im so sorry to hear about all of that. I hope everything turns out for the better and you wont have to go through that again.

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Good luck, to hubby, Anne. I know that you're worried (I've been through this with two husbands) but, there are a lot of good diagnostic procedures, medications and treatment options, nowadays.
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My thoughts are with you all. Having heart problems is so scary and unpredictable. My husband suffers from Coronary Artery Disease and has suffered several heart attacks. You tell hubby to pay attention to those signs and especially the doctors. God was watching out for him that afternoon Anne.
Please take care of yourselves!
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He was referred to a specialist and the appoitment in only next Tuesday. We're calmer now but I sure would like to know what that was all about. The doctor said it could have been a minor event, caused by the extreme physical strain, so until we know better, hubby is to avoid his jogs.

Thank you all!
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Please continue to update us about this. I am concerned and thinking about you and your family and I know that many others here are concerned also.
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I'm glad it sounds like he will be okay...nothing serious...but let us know what the specialist says on Tuesday.
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Hubby has a lot of us women checking up on him here! He better lsiten to that doctor or we will all have to come over there! ......and you know what that means!
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I just saw this this morning, Anne. Sorry to hear about Alpha. I hope he is doing better and I am sure he'll be back to his old self in no time!

You are in our thoughts and prayers.
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Annie, Please tell Alpha how sorry I am to hear about his problems. tell him to take it easy and for goodness sakes, relax. YOu and Ron need him now more then ever and so he has an obligation to be there whenever you guys need him so it is now his duty to relax and take care of him self so he'll be around for a long, long time!
Take care of yourself Alpha! I hope you're feeling better!
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I just read what happened. Hopefully, soon, you both will have have somewhat of an idea of what could have caused this. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. To go through something traumatic like that is frightening. Be thankful that your own personal guardian angels came along when they did and most probably avoided what could have been a worse situation. Be strong and have faith. Keep us posted......
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I offer prayers on behalf of you, Alpha and Ron.

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any word on Alpha? Wasn't sure if it was this tuesday or next that he goes to a specialist.
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