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Whats everyone doing tonite?

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YAY!! I dont have any kids for the evening!! It is DH and I 6th yr anniversary and we actually get the evening alone. I am kinda sad because we didnt get to go out of town like I wanted, but thats alright-maybe in a few weeks or something when we have more $$$. Whats everyone else doing tonite? Any special plans??
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When I get off of work I am going to go get into pjs and rent an older movie with a friend and just relax for a couple of hours before I have to go to bed to wake up and do another 12 hr shift.
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Reilly and I are sitting here watching the Life Network, they always have wedding related shows on Saturday nights. Right now I'm watching Exchanging Vows.
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I'm getting stuff ready for my mom and my rummage sale in a few weeks, and cleaning the house. Pretty boring for a Saturday night!
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It's date night for DH and I... We're having homemade pizza and watching a movie
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I'm finishing up school work (I've been homeschooled since May) and I'll probably watch an old movie after that. There's a big event downtown called Sidewalk Days and pretty much everyone I know is there. They close off Main Street and another street, and all the stores sell their stuff on the sidewalk. It's actually pretty fun, but I wish I could go.
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I'm just getting ready to go out for another night on the town with all of our friends!
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I'm sittin around, and to be honest I can't wait to go to bed.
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Bruce and I are going out to dinner. His kids seem to have forgotten that tomorrow is Fathers' Day and I am making it up to him.
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Well I guess there special, I'm making lots of goodies for My Grandsons Graduation party tomorrow evening, I Love to fix stuff for alot of people and it will be a nice day for Him and Friends and Family, He's a picture of Ryan on the right and his best bud Shawn ...Off to collage they will be next, I still can't even beleive it Ok I have to go fix that stuff now

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Happy anniversery!!! I hope ya'll enjoy your evening together. This morning i took my dog to the vet for a biopsy and some allergy shots, and tonight i went to the mall with my friend and we just walked around for a few hours and hit some sales.
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After driving for two hours to the north of where we were....we are relaxing in a hotel with our two fur babies (kids are at the destination already).
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I will likely turn in after this post. Then tomorrow, we celebrate Father's Day with my dad, with whom we share a house. Church in the morning, steaks on the grill in the afternoon. Doesn't get any better than this.
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I was supposed to go to this Hookah Bar in Kent here where you order flavoured tobacco and smoke it in this big bong type thing. Now, I do NOT smoke normally, no cigarettes for me. But I like this because you can get flavours like Rose and Spearmint, or Acai Berry which is Blueberry and Chocolate. And it doesn't taste the slightest bit like tobacco, just the flavour you choose believe it or not.

But anyway, my friend cancelled on me and she is a heavy smoker (of various substances), so maybe next weekend.
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I'm at work - which is a normal Saturday night for me. No complaints, though - it pays the rent and the cat food bills.
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Tonight I watched game 6 of the NHL finals. GO OILERS GO!!! They won 4-0 tonight and it will go to the final game 7.

I think I will hit the sack soon. My son and I have to get up and make daddy some breakfast and a nice homemade card and then we are going to take our dog, Gracie for a walk and spend the day at the park if it stops raining .
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WOOHOO!! GO OILERS! Just online, mostly reading
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