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Why? Why mean people?

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As people dont want there pets no more they bring them to the shelter.
But if there is no one out there they are put to sleep. If people out
who get rid of there pets and pets are ready for death. People should see
what they have done to there pets. No eating, scared, wondiring why in their sleep their loving people would do this to them. Only if people could see throe
their pets eyes when their ready to be put to sleep and think ( Why? Why did
I do this to my pet?) then they will think. I see sad looks in their eyes when their it is time.Death. People dont get it. As I am saying,( Why? Why mean
people?) If you do get a pet.PLEASE DONT GET RID OF IT!!! He or she thinks
( Yeah!! I got a home!!!) Next thing. ( what are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?) Pets have feelings!!! You hurt THem!!! Please as pet owner
keep your pets. dont get rid of them. they are your children.
Please dont lit them have sort lives. God put them here on earth for a reason
Please let them live.
kitty lova

Please spay or neuter your pet!! Let them live a happy life!!
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One of the main principles we like to support here is spaying and neutering. We have an on-site article specific to that subject. It can be read here: Spay and Neuter Your Cats
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To add to your thoughts, when you do decide to bring a new cat into your life, go to the shelters. There are so many loving cats there. Talk to the volunteers if you can to learn about cats you're interested in. The shelter system only works if people adopt from them instead of taking the "free" kitten from the newspaper ad.
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A lot of people just don't understand that a pet is a serious and life long commitment. They see animals as disposable and not of much value so they don't want to spend money on their pet's health (including spaying or neutering) and don't spend a lot of time training or looking after their pet. Eventually they get rid of the pet once it starts exhibiting behavioural problems or it grows up and isn't as cute as it used to be.

I don't have much use for people like that.
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I don't think it is always out of people's meanness that cats end up in a shelter. For some, perhaps a family member became allergic or is asthmatic. The owner died or became too ill to care for the cat. The family moved perhaps became renters where cats are not allowed. Newly weds sometimes have pet problems when joining their households.

I adopted Keaira kitty from the shelter about a year ago. She's full grown. I often wonder why someone would give her up. She is so sweet, affectionate, well-mannered and does the cutest things. I also watched for signs of abuse and luckily have seen none. No hand shyness, cowering or other tip offs. In fact she hasn't a single bad habit at all. Uses her litterbox, loves the scratching post and not my furniture, etc.

Finally one day when the TV was on there was a baby crying. Well Keaira got very excited. Now I tend to think her previous owners thought there was some problem about having an infant and a cat. There are those who think it is not a good idea--more like folklore but many believe that unfortunately.
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I am a firm believer in getting any of your pets from an animal shelter. The only reason mine is not from a shelter is because he was abandoned at my best friend's home. They already had a lot of cats and did not have room for this one, his two siblings, as well as all the others they already have and they are on limited income as it is (but will never skimp when it comes to taking care of their animals). One of their neighbors showed interest in this cat, but once they found out they already lost 2 of their pets (kittens), they were skeptical about giving him to them. I was able to convince my family (finally) that we needed to have another one finally, so now he is in a very loving home that spoils him senseless.
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What really makes me angry when people are dumb enough to declaw their cats and then bring them to the shelter when they start to bite. Or have it put to sleep for biting. It's like, you are the one who brought this on your own cat, so deal with it. then they turn around and get another cat and declaw it...rrgg...

I also get mad when people bring their pets in for dumb reasons, as I am sure we all do. I am specifically thinking of a cat named Bitsy. Very overweight female black and white female kitty. Around 2 or 3 years old. She got a UTI and the owner had it treated. then she got it again and the owner brought it to the shelter.

I happened to be there when she came in all crying about having to give up her precious Bitsy. She said she doesn't have the money to treat it again. I even told her about the cheapo clinic in the next town but she was set on giving up her cat.

It's like, no one will adopt a cat knowing it is urinary tract problems. One of the things causing UTIs is stress and what is more stressful then a cage in a shelter with little contact to humans, let alone other cats? This poor girl became so depressed she lost a ton of weight and stopped eating. She was on the edge of death when the manager euthanized her. She was absolutely miserable. I wish I would have taken a picture and sent it to the girl who brought poor Bitsy in.
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The only thing that's worse then leaving your cats at a shelter for no good reason is to just abandon them by the side of the road to fend for themselves.

It makes me so mad when people do that!! I live in the country and see that a lot, people will leave boxes full of kittens by the side of the road and then sometimes people will stop and take the kittens home but usually that doesn't happen.

My two kittens were abandoned by their owner, I'm assuming the mother had babies and the owner didn't want them so he left them out by the road. And at Christmas time!!! So on Christmas day my babies were found on the road and that's how they became mine.

I think if someone can't keep their cat for whatever reason, dumb or understandable, they should look for a no-kill shelter, a foster parent or just a new home for it. That way they are at least giving the cat a better chance at a happy long life.
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Originally Posted by Jen
What really makes me angry when people are dumb enough to declaw their cats and then bring them to the shelter when they start to bite. Or have it put to sleep for biting. It's like, you are the one who brought this on your own cat, so deal with it. then they turn around and get another cat and declaw it...rrgg...

This one gets to me too.
Which is why I've only adopted declawed cats that had been turned into rescues/shelters.
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Well, due to this kind of behaviour, is how Tahlee came into my life. Her previous owner "Changed her mind about owning cats, they're just too much work" and dropped Tahlee or as she was then known, Mustard and her brother Custard off at the shelter. Luckily they both stole hearts and there is a happy ending to their stories.......unfortunately there is a huge amount who aren't so lucky....
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When someone says to me that they don't want their cats anymore I question why they bothered to get them in the first place and I can't help but judge these people. I just hope they do the right thing and find a good home for them. I know someone who doesn't want her cats anymore. It's because she has kids now. But it also seems she's not making any effort to find them a home. However I'm going to mind my own business about it. I can't tell a fellow coworker how to live her life. But I agree, the decision to have a cat or a dog should not be a light one, they should be just as valuable as your children would be. Not everyone sees it this way. People largely value their children and of course they should but for many people, a cat becomes much less important, just a cat.

Your post makes me want to cry. It's so sad.
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This makes me upset too. The kitten I currently have is a product of ppl who had an outdoor female cat that wasn't spayed!??????! I would definatley classify them as completely loaded (money wise), so it's not like they couldn't spay their cat....they just didn't care (and they wondered why they had "annoying" kittens to deal with now). Luckily I took one and the others found homes. *sigh*
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I got one of my cats, Salem, from a shelter. But my first cat, Cloud, I got from someone selling kittens for $20. I did that because I wanted a kitten, and the shelter didn't have anymore at the time. It was May 1996 and as it was a big city, all the kittens had already gotten adopted out. But I really wanted a kitten! So, while generally I agree it is good to adopt from shelters, I think it's understandable to go elsewhere sometimes if you really want a kitten.
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