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What causes a cat to sneeze? Guinness has started sneezing quite a bit over the past few days. No change in his behavious at all and seems as happy as always but has thee sneezing fits every now and again.

Any ideas?
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Upper Respiratory Infection

My cat, Hannah, started sneezing a bit 2 days ago. I've been watching for other indications she's got an URI (runny eyes, 3rd eyelid showing, decrease in appetite, change in play and litterbox habits). We had a front blow through 2 days ago, and I think she's reacting to that.

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Also change in air due to air conditioners or heaters can do it. All cats sneeze occasionally, but it's nothing to worry about unless they're doing it often or have discharge from the eyes or nose.
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He doesn't seem to have the symptoms of the flu etc so were thinking it could be a cold or hayfever etc. He's acting a bit funny with us at the moment but thinking that is because htis persian keeps sitting outside our lounge window and he may be jealous
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This sneezing would warrant a trip to the Vet for my girls. I would recommend that Guinness go in for an exam. Let's move this to health since it's more of a health issue than behavioral.
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