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Male cat very sick Please help!!!!

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I have a 7 year old nuetered male cat. He is very sick.Thursday evening he started acting like he did not feel well and not eating or drinking. But he was breathing okay and had no signs of truama (cuts,scrathes,running nose sneezing). I took him the the vet friday they tested him for FeIV FIV and did a CBC , a chem panel and a Fecal test and found nothing. They gave him a fliud shot, a PPG mixed injection(with B12) and sent him home with some Clavamox Drops.
My husband gave him the first doze and it was like he could not shallow it then he throw up. By the time I got home he was panting and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth. I thined his meds with fitness water and forced him the shallow 10-15 cc Water. He is walking in circles and drag his butt. Seems out of it a little bit. This morning about the some force 15-20 cc water with meds, then throw up.there were little dark partials in it. then forces 10 cc water with 1/2 dose meds and a B12. I had to go to work and leave him home.
I do not know what to do I am not feeling very hopeful has any got some ideas or seen these signs before. Already spent $175 on vet
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Is he using the litter normally?

Sounds like he should be xrayed to check for obstuctions and other things that won't show up in a blood test.

Sending lots of get well vibes to your kitty.
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He is not using the litter box. All vets are closed it's the weekend
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He could have a blockage or be constipated. Is there an emergency vet in your area? Or call around to see if any vet in your area has emergency hours or can refer you to a vet that does.

One of my cats Spyder had similar symptoms as your kitty last year and the vet did xrays and discovered he was constipated and had to give him an enema.

If he is blocked it's important that it get treated ASAP.
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VET ASAP //// Evan if you have to drive to the next town
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I know its a little gross but Can I give him one. can't really afford a big vet bill
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Your cat will DIE if he is suffering a blockage and it is not treated immediately. GET HIM TO THE VET ASAP.

This is not a matter to be tinkering around with. You could seriously injure or kill your cat attempting to give him an enema yourself.

DO NOT try to force feed your cat anymore than you already have.
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I agree with what the others have said - he must go to the nearest emergency vet immediately. Otherwise it is possible he may not even survive until Monday.
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I'm in total agreement--this cat needs a vet ASAP. DO NOT attempt to give him an enema yourself. Use a payment plan or a credit card if necessary; your cat cannot wait until Monday.
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