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Bunnies need help

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A lady names Karen asked me to post this here for her:

Help, Glamour Shots is having live bunnies in their stores for children to have their picture taken with, this is bad for the bunnies and bad for children, Please tell everyone they know to call Glamour Shots and the proper authorities to get this stopped before one hair is harmed. thanks, Karen
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I think that situation is not good. However, their are some bunnies of GREAT NEED, located in the Florida Sugar Cane Feilds. They are being " Burned Alive " by jerks clearing foliage. To lazy to find a humane solution. Rabbits are being found running from the fields, screaming in pain, on fire.

Please, Readers, check out In Defense Of Animals weekly
Action Alerts Update for March 30th & On their posts in the left side of the website. It provides the horrible details.
The individuals that need to be contacted, this has to stop.
What is happening to our Society?
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Oh, what a terrible thing! Can you provide a link to the page (just go to the address line at the top of the browser and copy the address and then paste it here).
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Anne, I will try to get the exact listing for the article.
I'm new with computer's, but the article is on " In Defense Of Animals" Website. It never ends, there is always some story about a horrific event of abuse. Just when I think I have heard it all, something still shocks me.

I just wanted to thank all of the extremely kind, generous
people I have come to know at this site. Meowman, Cat, Donna, Anne & everyone else. You are all very remarkable people. God bless you.
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