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Who breeds bengals and what are their price range? I have a friend that really wants one and have not been able to find a shelter that has any nor anyone close by selling any.
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Georgia only recently rescinded legislation banning bengal ownership. Thankfully the lawmakers came to their senses on that issue!
I imagine there aren't many bengal breeders in the state yet, but there will be some eventually, now that it is "legal" to own and breed bengal cats there.

I'm in North Carolina and you are welcome to check out my website and I do know breeders in the southern states that are reputable and that I would recommend without hesitation.

Here's the link to my site: http://www.kaibengals.com
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Thanks kai bengals, i'll definitely check yur site out!
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If price is a concern, you could try a Bengal rescue.
I know if I were going to purchase one from a breeder, I would definitely check out Kai Bengals. The pics of their cats always look so happy and healthy, and of course, being right here in NC is also a big plus in my case.
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Your friend should get in contact with this rescue;

The Bengal Rescue Network


And there's also some Yahoo groups about Bengals.
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