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Just a question about doing the flea bomb.

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The adams room fogger doesnt say to vacumm before or after bombing. I waited till after but I see that if you vacumm you wake up fleas that are in cocoon. If there are any fleas left alive I dont want to wake them up. Should I vacumm up the dead ones or leave it for a bit. The box doesnt give extensive details.
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Chances are you didn't get them all, depending on the level of infestation. That's not because you didn't do the fogger correctly, it's just the way things go.

Having experienced the "scourge" of fleas several times due to rescue work, I can tell you that with some effort you will get rid of them.

1. Treat the yard.
2. Spray around the foundation and all entrance ways.
3. Flea bomb the house including the garage.
4. Wash ALL laundry, including tennis shoes
5. Vacuum thoroughly including your car(s).
6. Flea bomb again in about 7-10 days. This is important to kill any remaining eggs and next generation buggers.

It's a lot of work but you will be successful. I know this sounds like overkill, however, having applied this technique I know it definitely works.

#6 is critical as the eggs in the carpet can survive the first flea bombing. If you wait longer than 7-10 days, you run the risk of the new generation maturing long enough to lay more eggs.

It doesn't matter when and how you vacuum. But DO IT! Vacuum after bombing and wipe clean any possible surfaces the fogger may have gotten on (coffee tables, window seals, etc...especially where your pets will be).

GET RID OF THE VACUUM CLEANER BAG IMMEDIATELY! Use a new one after each vacuum. Vacuum EVERY DAY between bombings and for 7 days afterwards. GET RID OF THAT VACUUM CLEANER BAG!! Eggs that survive, will hatch, escape the bag and re-infest your home.

With the second round of bombing, I recommend moving your furniture around.

The best foggers, sprays and bombers are found at your vet. They are more expensive, but higher quality and potency. I would recommend obtaining a different fogger for the second bombing if possible.

Good luck!
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