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The cat books are on route!

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Well I got the books!

I have already done my part and mailed it off. Deb25, look for them by monday or tuesday.
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Am I next on the list? Woo hoo! I'd better dig up the original thread to find out who's after me!
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Ok, since I am so new, I guess I am confused, what are the books, where are they eventually going to wind up, and how do you get in on this list?
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To make a long story short....the cat book project (and now there are 2, I think) was started by Hissy sometime last year. The intent was to circulate the book via snail mail, have each person add cat pictures and comments, and send it off along the list of people who signed up. The final destination is supposed to be Anne (and it was intended to arrive before little Ron was born). Unfortunately, it has gotten...uh.... sidetracked along the way a few times and just recently resurfaced. I think we are at the point where to just get it through the original list would be a major miracle.
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Ok, here is my thinking. This project was done so long ago and held up twice that many of the members have moved on to other things. I know that some people showing in the original list inside the front cover of the book have already seen this book, so this morning, I called Colby and asked her to pencil them out. Billie? I have sent you a PM but if you are lurking, I need to hear from you and Amanda to see if you are still interested in this project? It has been ages since either of you posted and so for right now, since the books were not split and one sent overseas and one to stay here until the united states members signed it then sent it on, they are still together. So much for planning! LOL

To the new members who want to jump on this wagon, or maybe this slow boat to China, I am sorry, but as Deb said, if we even get it to Anne before the year 2013 I will be amazed! This was supposed to have been a fast project, something Anne could have while waiting for the birth of her son. Who knows Anne, maybe you can finally read it at Ron's college graduation........ Those who are on the list, and you know who you are, look for a PM from me and please answer promptly. Let's keep this show on the road this time and get the books where they need to go before the photographs fade with age..

So please everyone who is left on the list, I would like to hear from you, but check your PM's and then get back to me. I will ask Deb to hold the books once she gets them for only 3 days. Hopefully by then I will hear back from everyone and will know who still wants to participate.
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I still want to receive them, MaryAnne! Count me in!
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MaryAnne; I sent you an e-mail this a.m. ! I know I have not been posting, but I have been around. I would love to see the "Cat Books" just to find out if they REALLY EXHIST or are they just "an Urban Legend" ?

Hello, and Love and Hugs and Purrs to everyone;
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Oh my heavens! Just as I was about to move the virtual wonder bed out for garage sale, and look who pops in!

3LK~ I am so happy to see you! Quit being such a stranger! (That is a bonified threat, as I have the power to skip you on the now-famous cat book list.)
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TLK is in THE house~ YIPPEE!
Nice to see you Darlene!
It has been a long time....see, the books have got a hold on you!
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I am so happy to see you here!!!!!! Did you ever get the email I sent you a couple months ago? I have been wondering how you are!!!

Don't be a stranger!!! We miss you here!
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This is the greatest! I will have them en route to the next person soon!

Those of you down on the list, don't despair. They are worth the wait.
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Add Jugen to the list I gave you of the originals still wanting to see it. I still haven't heard from Illusion, DebbieA Amanda or case they are lurking...
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Add Jugen to the list where? Just tell me who gets the thing next. I'm so confused at this point! Plus I also feel like I am holding the proverbial "hot potato". Don't want to get caught still holding the cat books when the music shuts off.
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Yeah Hissy, where do I fit in???:tounge2:
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Deb on the inside cover of the original book is the list of people that originally signed on. I know it is still there because I wrote it in there. The list is by order of when they signed up in the original post. I HAVE NOT HEARD from Illusion, Tapestry DebbieA, Amanda Billie or SuzerQ98 (who is not the same as the poster here by the name of susie q) At this point, I would say cross off the names I just listed, and send the book to whoever is next. Barb, I don't have the original list, so I don't know where you fall in the category at this time. Just hang tough, the book is no longer a myth and it will get where is my ulcer medication????
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As it stands, you are 4 stops away. After you is Debby, who now seems to be last on the list. She'll probably get it as she goes into labor!:laughing:

Well, at least somebody will get the book as her baby is due! Hey, Debby, maybe hubby can read it to you during labor!

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Then I will be the one sending it to Anne right? I think I have her address, but if not...I will holler at someone for it. I sure hope it makes it to her, I would hate to have everyone wondering what I did with them, and why she didn't get them!
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What about me? I signed up too!
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As it stands, Nena, you're 3rd inline, provided that hissy doesn't hear from anyone else before I mail them. Calm down, girl.
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Took care of the guilty conscience. The cat books are en route once again.

Did I mention my paranoid fear of going to the post office? :paranoid3

How about my sad story of having to panhandle to get the $ for the postage?

At any rate, Jeano, be on the lookout. They're on the way to you!

:foot: :foot: :foot: :foot: :foot: :foot: :foot:
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I just heard from Jeano via email and gave her TLK's email addy, so Darlene if you are lurking, you should have an email soon from her so you can send her your address! Then the books will again be on their way!

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