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My boyfriend and I are house sitting this weekend for his boss, we're caring for his animals, three cats, two dogs.

two of the cats are outdoor cats and I don't have much expierence since both my cats are indoor.

one of the cats came in with her face looking as though it had been burned or something! there is no hair left and the skin looks cracked and red the poor thing! we can't get in touch with the owners, so we don't know if this is an injury they knew about and the cat already has seen a vet for it, or if it happened sometime while she was out this morning (that is what I think because wouldn't they have mentioned it to us?). she looks terrible, I wish I could get pictures up here to show what I am talking about, but has anyone ever had a cat with a burn before and know what it would look like or if that is what it is.

I want to take her to the vet, we are about an hour away from where we live so we would have to find one. I dont know if it would be alright to find some home treatment or not and we are desperately hoping the owners will call back so we can find out if they knew about this or if they could give us the number to their vet.

I really don't know what to do. I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong section I just really need some feedback for the poor cat.
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Can you look around on bulletin boards, the fridge, the phone book to see if they've got their vet's number tacked up, or circled or marked anywhere?

If you could find it and call they could at least tell you if it's an injury the cat has been treated for already.

Personally, I'd take her the vet straight away and hope your boss will reimburse you. I dog sit for my boss occasionally, and while I know her dog very well, as well as the vet she uses, I know she would want me to take him in if something like that happened!

Good luck!

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im guessing they woul dhave mentioned it to you or should have but as a pet sitter its your responsibility to make sure its ok so im thinking maybe a call to the vet is the best thing if they dont talk to u soon. when u call mention the the vet that u are trying to get a hold of the owners so maybe untill then just try to make more comfy. i wouldnt do anything really expensive until u get a hold of them. if u find out they have already taken it to the vet they can consider it a 2nd opinion and then relise that maybe they should have told u. id rather have my animal checke dout again then to have nothing done if they dont know about it.
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I would take the cat to the vet ASAP...if it is a burn infection can set in quickly.
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Even if you can not get a hold of them, and even though they didn't inform you of a problem, I would...

1.) Do not treat her at home with anything!
2.) Bring her to the vet, any vet today.
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