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Cat shreds paper and torments other cats when he wants attention

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We have 3 cats, and the 2nd one lately has been driving everyone mad including the other 2 cats.

He loves people-attention, and he wants it from us constantly. We try to give him as much attention as we can but as soon as we settle down to watch tv or go to bed, he starts either shredding any paper he can find or chasing after the other cats and hitting them. I had to get up at 4am to clean up a broken dish he knocked off the kitchen counter when he started going after some coupons I'd left up there.

I work from home so it's quite a problem having to remember to tuck away ALL the papers on my desk all the time. It's in the main living room so I can't just block access from him. They've got a scratching post, climbing toy, chew toys, etc.

I think the problem is he KNOWS chewing up the paper and gets my attention and gets me to scold him, but I don't know what else to do.

Some background on him:
2.5-4 years old, Siamese mix. He's fixed. He was a stray cat, very scared of people, when the people we adopted him from found him. They had to court him for several weeks to get him in from outside. He took a while to get used to us, but now he loves getting petted from us, but he is still scared of strangers. If anyone comes over, he'll run and hide under the couch the ENTIRE time they are here, even if it's for half a day.

Before, he'd just go after our 5 year old female cat, but lately he's been going after the little 2 year old male cat. It used to be they'd gang up on the female and chase her, but she's managed to find ways to hide and take care of herself.

The aggression toward the little one is new, and all I hear is growling and it drives me nuts.

Like I said, this stuff only starts when we stop being active around the house (doing desk work, watching tv, etc.)

I guess I can deal with the cat fights as long as it doesn't get too aggressive, they are capable of taking care of themselves, but I fear that one day he's going to get ahold of a check or something!

Is there anyway I can reprimand him for this behavior? I think I read on here one time that disciplining cats doesn't work; it just makes them scared of you. Is that true? Is there anything I can do to let him know this is bad?
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I have one that gets very crazy at bedtime- he will chew anything he can get his mouth on and wants to torment the other two. It is just his favorite "getting in trouble" time.

All I have been able to do is give him a dedicated play session last thing at night. I do it in the afternoons also, but the nighttime one is the most vital. I put the others in a different room and just plum wear him out with toys and runing him up and down the cat trees.
After we are all done, and it may take me 20 minutes until I think he is tired enough, I put down their dry food for the night and let the other two out.
He rests a bit, eats a bit, then goes to sleep. That's the last I hear from him until morning.
But if I skip the play session he is a devil on four legs.
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He wants your attention! Orientals are notorious attention hounds.

My youngest Meezer is like a dog when it comes to shredding paper, newspapers, paper towels, even boxes. And he does it for the attention he gets. When he behaves this way I realize he needs a heavy duty play session which involves the fishing pole. I take a fuzzy mouse and thread it through the fishing line of a child's fishing pole and then go fishin' for cat, tossing it up and down the hallway and kitchen. He goes nuts and gets completely wore out. Laser lights work well too.

Diversion works with cats, not discipline. Discipline only annoys, then encourages them.
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