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What do I need to ask for on a first vet visit?

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I'm expecting my parents to say yest about my second kitty, and want to go ahead and get some more advice because I'm not sure how soon I'll get to bring her home. The thread in the cat lounge explains more if you wanna know.

She has not been to the vet yet. What kind of things do I need to make sure are done on her first vet visit? What tests/vaccines? Alot of this was done when I got Marlee since I adopted her from a shelter. I just want to make sure I don't forget anything, and that I don't get anything unnecessary done. Thanks in advance for answers!
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How old will she be when you get her? That will help determine what she needs.
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Personally, unless you know if this cat has been tested I would not bring her home. But instead arrange for a vet appointment on the same day as when you obtain her.
That way, you can get her tested for diseases which could be contagious for your other cat, as well as start the new cats first round of vaccinations, a fecal, and any parasite treatment he/she might need.
A full wellness check up would of course need to be done.
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Bring with you what has already been done by the shelter. On a first visit you should ask what shots should and should not be given. Sometimes it depends on if your cat is going to be inside or an inside/out cat. You should also bring up any concerns about the cat's health. It is also the time to ask about neuteuring/spaying and when that should be scheduled. I would also ask them if you should bring a fecal sample. It's kinda hard if you have more than one unless they are isolated, but it's a good way to check for worms.
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If I get this kitty, I am getting her from a young girl who found her, and hasn't been taking as good of care of her as she needs. I do not know her age, and she has had nothing done. I will let y'all know more when it is positive if I am going to be able to get her from this family.
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Def tell the vet everything you can about the kitty's background then, and the vet may also be able to tell you how old it is. Hope all goes well with a new kitty, that's exciting!
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Yeah it really depends on the age for some things. If she's at least 8 weeks, she can get her distemper shot, and a stool sample run. If she's at least 9 weeks she can get a feline leukemia and FIV test done too. But I recommend you get that rechecked in 6 months.
They will probably do this on their own, but tell them to check for fleas and ear mites too.
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