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Brody on the float

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This morning I went out for a swim and decided to let Brody try out the float. He loved it

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That is too cute!!
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That is so cute! Nice pool!!!
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Brody, you're so cute! Wow, I sure want to jump in your pool, Tanya!
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Awww, thats so cute!!

Can I have your pool, or at least come over and use it? I'm so jeleous!
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Lucky Brody!! I wish I could go in the pool too!
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Hi Brody!
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Awww bless his cotton socks, look at him!! He looks so relaxed there
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AWWWW Lucky Brody!!!! I wish I was there.
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Lucky dog Very nice pool... He looks quite content and relaxed.
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Well Squirt, if he can't be in your siggy anymore, at least he can be in your pool! LOVE IT!
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Nice pool! Good to see Brody living the good life!
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where's his drink with an umbrella! My dog would never sit still enough to do that! he'd end up dumping himself in So cute!!!
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Aww Brody is so cute!! Pool party at Brody's house!!
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Yay! Another pool party!
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We love pool parties... are so cool on your float in the pool.
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