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Introducing Tyson and Rocky

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Hi all
i went to the shelter today to find a new kitty,i even went armed with a carrier cage and a harness so i had every intention on getting a new puss.
while i was working my way through the enclosures and meeting with all the cats i over heard a conversation that chilled me to the bone, it seemed that some long time members were running out of time, i had already met these two and they had already stolen my heart but there were 2 so i moved on, not knowing how i would pay for two, i had made a decicion on what kitty i was going to get when i made coment about the 2 boys to the lady who was looking after the kitty area ,i said if i could get them cheaper i would take them, Guess what i got them, they are the most gorgeous pair of brothers 3 y/o with the works i am sooooooooooo happy, I managed to save a pair of lovely boys.

Kittys in the cupboard tyson on the left rocky on the right, I suppose spyder is saying to tyson hey thats my spot and the other is just tyson takeing over a queensized antique fourposter bed, what more could a cat want this morning the pound this evening they own a house
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That is wonderful!!, they are so cute!
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Please give yourself a hug from me. You are wonderful, and they are beautiful!
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How great of you! And they are very handsome!
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They're a beautiful pair of boys!
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These boys are something else, i think they have been a ladys cats, and i am thinking they have been a new relationship dumping.only cos of what i know from the shellter where i got them, they are the perfect pair.Once they have settled in a bit more and we are over the hissy fits with salem and oodles,spyder has been perfect , as always, i will take some more snaps of the whole crew.I have to stop at 6 cats because bylaws only let us have 2, what a joke. so i can only get 2 reg'ed.So more pics on the way.
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Tyson and Rocky are so beautiful! Congratulations! Welcome to the family, little ones!
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What gorgeous addition to your family
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You are only allowed to have two by law? That's crazy. I would be cheating like you, I have to have more than two!

Can't wait to see more pics! That's great that you were able to get them both... I bet they really are appreciative.
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You angel for saving both those gorgeous boys

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