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Like everyone else said and I think i said but my memory is shot....sexual confusion at that age....very common. Me I wouldn't have even dared, see about that age and through highschool I had kids spreading rumors about me that I was a lesbian (just cause that was the cruelest thing they could have said) I was even beat up for it.

Plus my home life left nothing to be desired...so I ended up struggling and am still struggling with my self identity.

He'll be okay with a great sister like you who has his back!!!
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How are things going? Did he talk to you? Did you ever post the pics? If so I missed them somewhere. I hope all is going well!
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I've just come across this thread, and I wanted to say how pleased and proud I am to see that you're so open and loving toward your brother! It's a special thing to have that kind of relationship with a sibling. Good on you. I hope everything is going well for all of you.
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Morning everyone!!! I do have to say that things are going great between my lil brother and I!!!!!!!! The other night my bf went to his friends house who happend to be gay and he was talking to him and found out that gay pride ia going to be in the city this weekend.... Well the other night we were in walmart at like midnight and my bf and brother were off talkin (my bf is a very good talker and he has helped the situation very much ) well my bf said to my bro that if we go to the city this weekend that gay pride was going to be there and if he still wanted to go we can, my bro said he still wanted to go. well my lil bro came and found me and said do you know whats going to be in the city this weekend and i already knew so i said yea i think gay pride is going to be there and he said up and I said hey bro i gotta something to tell you and he goes oohhh this isnt going to be one of those mushy talks again so i was like never mind and he grabbed my arm and said no tell me so I said you know if you like boys its ok i will still love you, and i wont judge you and i support you and he looked at me and smiled and said ok and then he saw some rainbow bracelets and said can we get these for this weekend!!! So i know he is gay and he knows that my bf and I are ok with it and accept it, and since then things have been going great!!! he leaves on wednesday and i hope that day takes for ever to get here because I dont want him to leave........ well everyone i will still keep you posted i will let you know how the city goes and i will post more pics!!!! thanks for the support yall
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Originally Posted by prncss89
How are things going? Did he talk to you? Did you ever post the pics? If so I missed them somewhere. I hope all is going well!
click on my screen name here on the site and click on view post by me scroll down and its in pictures pictures its on the last page there are a few i am going to post more right now!!
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Oh, I'm so happy for you guys! Thanks for the update!
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I think you handled it just great! What a caring sister you are!
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I am so happy reading the update! My best friend is gay, and didn't come out till he was 35. And when he did, both his dad & his brother (both cops) called me to ask if maybe we (my friend & me) could try being a "real couple". But his family finally accepted it. I think that his mom was initially upset only because she didn't want her son to endure the harrassment & difficulties that our culture places on those outside the mainstream.
Have fun at the Gay Pride in NYC!!
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I agree with everyone, you should be very happy with yourself about how you are handling the situation. Most people aren't understanding of those who have different sexual orrientations than what is typically considered the 'norm'. Bravo to you.
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Update: here are some pics of the gay pride we had a great time:

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Just read this all the way through - you are a great sister, and you did a good job. I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Just 1 little thing I want to add - he sounds like a great kid, but he *is* fifteen - don't let the occassional bratty 'I don't like it here' get to you too much.
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i have a few gay friends and they are some of the best friends i have. i know if i was gay my sisters would do nothing but make fun of me. i am so glad that you are such a good sister. those are rare.
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