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Tahlee isn't well, am I doing all I can?

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Hey guys, some quick advice if I can please. I adopted a new girl on Wednesday from a shelter. She's 2 years old. She ate really well Wednesday night when I got her home, but then got really runny diarhea (sp) and didn't really wanna eat (my guys eat Hills Science Diet). I took her to the vet today who told me to put her on a boiled chicken and rice diet for a few days and gave me some pro-biotic powder to mix into her food. I'm totally changing her kitty litter daily, and cleaning the box. The vet checked her out all over and said other than the upset tummy, she is in perfect health. He said it's likely due to the stress and change to high quality food....

Can anyone suggest anything else I can do to make her more comfortable? I still have her seperated from my other two at the moment, and am making sure I wash my hands before and after I spend time with her in her room.

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Well sounds like you´ve done all the right things, I am sure your vet is right and its all a bit of a shock to her system. A fews days of TLC and she´ll be settling in like a good ´un. Lots of loving {{{{{vibes}}}}} just to help !
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I've read in here that giving a little pumpkin may help tighten up her stools also. Not the pumpkin pie mix, but thaqt without any spices added. If you do a search of the forums for pumpkin you will find many thread that explain more.
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Definitely sounds like a food switch upset, but I'm so glad you had her checked out by the vet.

If at all possible, can you contact the shelter and ask them what brand of food she may have been eating? If they routinely feed a certain brand(s), you can purchase a 4-6 pound bag and gradually switch her over a couple of weeks which will resolve the diarrhea.

If not, there are several "remedies" that will help.

Pumpkin - 1 teaspoon 2-3X a day until the stools become formed. As noted in a previous post, natural canned pumpkin - NO SPICES. The only ingredients should be pureed pumpkin.

Pectin - 1/8 teaspoon once a day. MUST be mixed thoroughly in with wet food or it will form a hard rock in the stomach and they will throw it up. You can find Pectin supplements in health food stores and just open the capsules.

Bentonite Clay - 1/4 teaspoon twice a day. Mix the powder into a little yogurt or wet food. Cats usually love yogurt. Bentonite clay is a mineral powder that swells up, slows down the bowels and acts like an intestinal broom.

Edited To Add: Choose ONE remedy above! More than one will cause constipation.

Good luck!
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