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Overdue kitty

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Hi all

I've been reading through the other posts and found you al very friendly and helpful.

I have a very pregnant british shorthair. From the time she was witnessed being "attended to" by the tom it would date her pregnancy at 71 days now.

I took her to the vet at 69 days and he wasn't at all concerned about her or kittens and said they should arrive in next few days.

She is very big now and spends most of her time laying on our bathroom floor?! or snuggled up next to be on the sofa. The kittens are still moving round loads, she is eating well and seems generally quite unfazed by it all.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a cat go this long and what signs I should be looking out for of her going into labour.


Ti x
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Welcome to TCS....some cats due take longer than 69 days and if your vet isn't concerned, I would simply monitor the situation. Does she have milk production yet?? It does sound like it will be soon.


BTW...if you are a breeder, you may want to take a moment to introduce yourself in the breeders corner.
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Thanks Katie

She seems perfectly fine

She's very clingy today but has been for a few days now.

I can't see any milk yet but she has very big nipples.

I was also wondering about whether I should restrict her to one room. She has a walk in airing cupboard all set up for her with food, water comfy box etc but I usually shut her in the hallway with just that room open for her.

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It would probably be for the best to confine her to a place where she can deliver safely and in a place that is convenient for you in case you need to assist.
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Did your vet give you a time limit for her.. Yes confine her...
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No Vet didn't give me a definative time limit. He just said to keep a close eye on her and come back or call if I was concerned.

As she stayed with the tom for a couple of weeks and was bred several times while she was there, vet thinks she's could be up to week less that we've dated her.

The suspense is killing me now, I'd just love for the kittens to be here so we can all relax.

I'll definitely try confining her although I think she'll just cry for me.

I have a feeling she would rather deliver in our bed, as she keeps getting in with us in the night!
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If you know the date she was placed with the male, then you would count days from the first day she was in with him.
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