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Saturday 17th June - Daily Thread

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I haven't been around for a few days due to family (and shopping ) commitments.

My gran has broken her knee and is in hospital in London. So i drove down to my mums last Wednesday (4 hours) and we then went on to London to see how she was doing. So i was feeling pretty tired yesterday but it was well worth all the effort to see her again and my mum and sisters.

Retail therapy has also been on the menu I am going to try the Juice Master diet and it has taken some time to get all the 'bits' together to give it a go. Have ordered my pro bounce trampoline today, looks fun

Today is our Harley club rally so we will be going on the run out in a bit. Looking forward to tonights band, should be good and its my turn to have a drink
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Sorry to hear about your Gran's knee! Sending many healing }}}VIBES{{{ her way!

Have fun at your Harley Rally and enjoy not being designated driver!

Beautiful day here and I'm planning on going into town! probably nip into a bar or two during the day and basically relax!

Will be nipping to walk the cats in a little while before the sun covers the entire garden, getting too hot for my babies!

Have a great Saturday everyone!
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The Sounds of Music Festival is on so we are headed out there after a little shopping this morning
Supposed to be a heatwave today so need to get there early to find some shade, its right by the beach strip so it doesn't help, but its being held close to us this year so I can run home and hide in the shade for a bit if I need to
~hates her fair skin~
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Hi all... I am working today and off tomrrow. I hope that everyone has a great day. Pet your furbabies for me!
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Good morning all!

Right now I'm just sitting and relaxing with a cup of tea...I have all the windows open right now but at 7:30am it's already getting sticky...looks like it's going to be a day for the central air.

I don't have too many plans for today, Jeff is still gone on course until next week, so I'm kind of bored. It's such a warm day I'd love to go to the beach, but I don't feel like going by myself.

I'm sure I'll find something to do!!
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Good morning to all my feline-loving friends! I am at work today until 8pm, ick! Currently just enjoying a bit of coffee to get my day off to a good start! Hope all of yours' goes beautifully!
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Good afternoon everyone! I'm working today and tomorrow so the weekend is pretty shot for me, but at least I get to spend some time with the cats before I go in today.
Isis is sitting on my lap chirping (looking for lovins!) Somedays I wish I could just work at home to be with them 24/7. I do so prefer my cats to people now days. I KNOW I'm going to end up one of those cat ladies that tells everyone to get off her lawn, and has 2million cats in her house. Ok maybe not 2 million, but probably 4 to 6. They are my life and I will protect them forever!
(Can you tell I'm having one of those love the cat only days??)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Hello everyone!

Last night we went to John's family's Hawiian party so we went over there with about 20 of our friends and got all dressed up in fun Hawiian stuff and then headed downtown to the bars and the beer tent. I had so much fun, I hadn't been out with everyone in a long time, and when your out with 20 guys, its always bound to be a good time!

Today I'm doing some laundry and cleaning up a bit while John is at his Grandma's cleaning her car, and then he'll be back and a few of us are going on a Harley ride to enjoy the beautiful day. Its already 85* out, and its only noon, its gonna be another hot one! Yesterday got up to 95*, it was HUMID and icky, no fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Its mighty hot and humid here!!!
did some laundry, chopped up some fruit & veggies to snack on.
Mom and dad are here until tomorrow. Grilling out steaks and chicken tonite with root beer floats for dessert!!
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Hmmm....so far I've just relaxed! It's wonderful!

We're going to the book warehouse in a bit so I can try to find some new stargazing references. I spent last night on the deck. Saw Jupiter through my telescope for the first time. And 4 of it's moons! So I think I'll be outside on my little deck bending and contorting my body in odd ways trying to comfortable find things with the scope tonight.
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