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I need some advice...

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Ok, as some of you know, I have two cats. Well, one of them started having a problem with loose stool on Tuesday (6/11). She is otherwise fine. She is still eating, drinking, and playing. She seems maybe slightly more lovable, but that could be looking for it because I know there is a problem.

Here are some details (grossness about to ensue): The stool is loose about the consistancy of a cake, or brownie batter. I smooshed it around and didn't find any parasites in it. It smells really bad. They are free-fed Nutro Natural Care Kitten, and have been eating it for well over five months now without prior problems. I lost a spider that I killed with Raid some weeks back in my bedroom, I have though of the possibility that she found it and ate it. Normally, I take the dead creatue to the toilet, and throughly clean the area that was raided, but this bugger got away, so maybe she ate that.

Also, my friend just went through something similar with her cat, and nothing was really diagnosed, but we went through three weeks of bologna with the vet. And I am really afraid the vet isn't going to be of help, but I am going to call now.

So, to the question (sorry about the long post) has anyone experienced this? Please tell me about it and what was done and any information you think might be useful. I really don't want to give her a Kitty Imodium if it is a virus that just needs to go through her system. But I hate the idea she isn't feeling well. And to make matters worse I am going on vacation on the 29th of this month, and I am very worried that she won't be better by then. Help!
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Though even if she is an inside only, there are still bugs that can get into a house and cause stomach upset. Is it really hot where you are as well? Sometimes cats will drink an inordinate amount of water when it is hot and that could account for the looseness of stool.

When you go to the vet, take a sample of the stool with you in a sealed baggie so they can use it to run tests if need be. Otherwise, kitty may have to undergo an uncomfortable procedure.
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I knew i would forget something, I am just a spaz when something is wrong with my cats. Yes, both of them are indoor only. And yes, it has been warm here lately, the warmest of the season so far. Maybe that is it. I don't know. I still have to call the vet.

As for my vet, I am not too happy with them, as I stated in my original post, they really didn't seem to do anything with my friends cat, and I know because I went with her to the vet, and they just didn't seem to really care. The one vet at the clinic is good, but there are no gurantees you get her. *sigh* But, I will collect a sample as suggested, and I hope they actually want to run tests on it.

Thank you for the prompt response hissy.
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Ok, I spoke to the vet, and explained that except for the loose stool everything else is normal, she asked some questions and basically advised me to wait it out, but did suggest that I give her a teaspoon of yogurt twice daily to maintain the healthy bacteria in her system. Has anyone ever done or heard of this? Are the vets in my area nuts? I know that yogurt in humans is good for you, but for my cat? I dunno. I am going to search the net and see what it has to say.
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Plain yogurt is used for diarrhea in cats as well as other ailments. But it has to be plain with a special ingedient which for the life of me I can't remember that ingredient? Sandie? Anyone help? I know in my area, the only plain yogurt that has this ingredient is Nancy's Yogurt. I will be going to the store later, so I will look and see and then post if no one else has. But you can give kitty kaeopectate to stop her diarrhea as well.
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I tried Nutro food several years ago. It made my guys VERY flatulent and made the litter box smell much worse than usual. I hope your baby is ok.
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The yogurt ingredient that was on the tip of your tongue was acidophilus. Nancy's Yogurt also contains thermophilus, bulgaricus and bifidum cultures. Got the container in front of me

Luv those Paws,
When you go to the store look for a brand of plain yogurt that says "contains live cultures". . .both Nancy's Yogurt and Mountain High has it.
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I just want to say Thank you sooooooo much. This board really is the best.

I have just one for question, how should I go about giving my little furrball this yogurt? Do they just eat it (plain yogurt, yuck) or am
I going to have to pin and force? (Please no.) And even though my other pootie cat doesn't have a problem, is it ok to give her a little so she doesn't feel left out?

Thank you Maui and hissy for your much needed help/advice.
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I know they all have different tastes but mine love youghurt. I can`t eat a pot in peace in my house, doesn`t matter what flavour it is or if it has fruit in I have to prise Bilbos head out the way just to get the spoon in, so you shouldn`t have any trouble getting it down them if they are the same!

Also, I was told white fish (checked thoroughly for bones first), boiled white rice or chicken is good for cats with the runs.
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So does my dog, but my horses don't care for it! LOL Hubby doesn't like it either.

Just test kitty out and leave a small amt on a saucer and see if she walks over to eat it.It will settle her stomach as well. Thanks Maui for supplying the information, I cannot get to the store yet. And yes Luv, this board is the BEST
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I don't have a computer at home so I wasn't able to post any updates all weekend.

On Friday after work I bought some nice plain yogurt, with all the active cultures. I took it home and put a tablespoon in a bowl and set it out where the cats could get at it. Trouble (the healthy one) loved the stuff and went to town licking it, which was quite funny because she kept sticking her whole face in it and getting it all over her nose. Marbles however, took a few swipes of it, and then wanted nothing to do with it. So, I had to give it to her myself. Picture pilling a cat, only with this goopy white stuff all over your fingers. Ugh. But the good news is, her stool is back to normal. It was pretty much back to normal on Sunday. I am so thrilled. I still am giving them both some yogurt. I am not making her take it anymore. I let her lick at it and I figure some is better than none. But thanks everyone. My girls are both well .
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