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Strangest Place You Have Found Your Cat(s)

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I thought it would be fun to know what strange places your cats have been found.

Polly is very fond of opening cupboards. But I have never found her in them. She likes to get ontop of the kitchen cabinets, and on top of the fridge. (but I bet LOTS of cats like that)

The ODDEST place we have found Polly yet has been IN the freezer. Yes. In the freezer.

Jordan got up in the middle of the night to get something to drink. The freezer door was WIDE open (thank goodness) and he shut it as he was passing. All of a sudden you hear a UMPHF - SQUAK kind of noise, and the door won't shut. He turns on the light to investigate, It's Polly.

All i have to say is thank goodness there was a large turkey in the freezer. That was the only thing btween her and the door, and is what made it impossible to shut the door in the first place.


How about you?
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When we moved in to our house Rocky was pretty freaked. The first week I couldn't find him anywhere. I finally opened the door to the utility closet, which is under the stairs, and found him nestled, sleeping under the bottom stairs.
Also if you leave the door to the attic open they love running around up there!
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At our old house Megan and some of her neighbor friends were fond of climbing up a trellis I built over the front porch onto the roof. We often saw them peering down at us through the skylights. Molly, being clawless, missed out on that fun.
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In the :censor::censor::censor::censor: with his chin resting on top of his food.
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Reilly likes to rip into the box springs of beds and sleep in the lining.
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Miss Moofi gets in drawers
Big Guy Dino gets under sofa cushions
Pincess Pepsi sleeps under my honeysuckle tree

not stange but all very cute when you find ┬┤em ! !
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First time I left Lukas at my sister's who has always had my cats stay with her-we couldn't find him when it was time to go -He had been out his whole visit-Was up inside her reclining sofa-Fortunately we heard him meow & were able to move sofa to get him out uninjured-
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Reilly likes to rip into the box springs of beds and sleep in the lining.
Kinah used to do the same thing... until I decided to put the bed directly on the floor.
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Freckles likes to sleep on plastic bags! I've also found Bob sitting on the toilet seat. (Now if I can only train him to use it!)
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The strangest place I have found my cats is in my guitar amp. The back of it is open and when I was about to play yesterday, I found both of them sleeping in there.
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I found Mouse just recently IN my pillow... I picked it up and thought it was a bit heavy for a pillow and soon I see our little kitten trying to squirm out of the pillow. Silly kitten
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on boots 1st night here she went missing 4 24 hours i was told it was normal as its new environment i was goin 2 bed n cld hear these tiny meow squeaks eventually found her hidden at back of chest of drawers no idea how she got there :S
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Reilly likes to rip into the box springs of beds and sleep in the lining.

Trout does that too, it does wonders for the bed

A few times I've also found her in the closet crammed in where the hangers hang ..resting on the hangers that had clothes on them.
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I found Zissou asleep in the fridge once too... she couldn't have been in there long though, my roommate is a constant fridge-fairy-checker. I found my sister's cat sitting on a record that was playing at the time, going round and round in circles and about ruining my record player. Zissou also got trapped under the stove once, it has a front panel that just comes off and she had somehow gotten behind it.

When she was littler I found her in a boot. She probably couldn't fit in it now, but she does still love stinky feet and shoes.

However, this tops it all, though it's not my cat:
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Zissou'sMom that is too cute. I actually caught one of my cats trying to do that LOL
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This happened just the other night. I was sleeping when I heard a weird sound from above me. I looked and Scratch had her claws (back feet too) stuck on the screen of my window! She looked like Spider-Man.
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Places I've found them asleep - Down in the bottom of the clothes hamper, in the bath tub, in drawers, inside of bags, in my purse, in a box full of stuffed animals (that one was so funny. I said "Look there's Thumpie! And they were like "which one?" lol), inside of bedroom slippers, in a jacket pocket (yep the last 2 were kittens), under the bird feeder, in the bird bath, in the bed under the covers with head on pillow, inside a pair of jeans, in the sink, in the trash can, Stinkie once fell asleep while playing with a toy (head laying on it, feet inside of it with the ball), in a bucket, in the litter box (asleep), under the paper shredder inside the basket/trash can, under the fitted sheet of the bed, in the clothes dryer (lid was open), ...

Places I've found them as they were meowing their "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" meow - in the closet (with paws under the door as if to say "See! I'm in here!"), in the cabinet under the trash can, in the clothes hamper, under the covers of the bed (she just couldn't remember how she got in there to find her way out lol).

I'm telling you, I could go on and on and on. I've got strange cats. And hey, the probably get it from their mommy.
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Conner likes to jump up at all the sweaters and coats I have hanging on a wall mounted hanging mirror coat holder thingy. He swings like Tarzan and acts crazy. Well, Last week I couldn't find him anywhere which was really scary since I live in a studio apt and their aren't many places to hide. I was nearly in tears when I hear a sleepy meow from within the hanging sweaters. You know those little pouches over the stomach of hooded sweaters?? Well He had somehow jumped into that and had made it his own personal hammock, lol. He was just a-swingin and a-sleepin. Too lazy to answer my calls until I was nearly frantically yelling, lol.
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Originally Posted by georgiagirl8
in a box full of stuffed animals
That reminds me! My old cat Flash (RIP) got locked in one of my brother's room about ten years ago. She peed in the toybox!
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The weirdest place i've ever found kitties before would be as follows: one in a flower pot, one stuck through a chickenwire fence, and 3 floating in a water puddles. These were kitties i found after a horrible flood in my neighborhood one weekend a few years ago. I took them in and fostered all 5....they all flourished except one
(she had a severe case of feline herpes- meds didn't help and she passed on). I adopted one- abilene, my sister adopted one- drama, and the others we had altared and found wonderful homes for.
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I just remembered! When I first got Cookie and Suzie they were pretty small and we kept them in the bedroom where we keep the computer. Hubby pulled out the drawer for the keyboard and they were both laying on either side of the key board. Their safe haven was no more.

I wish I had a camera at that moment, it was classic.
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My girls are pretty tame, but my mother's cat opens drawers and uses them to climb higher and higher in the wall o' storage. Once, the drawer rolled shut and she was squooshed inside. She must have been in there for an entire day before they found her. Poor little dork.
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Wonton has ripped the cover to our boxspring open, and when something scares him, like the vaccuum or a thunderstorm, he goes in there and hides. it's quite open in there, i've looked in ther ewith a flashlight and its safe, nothing sharp for him to hurt himself on, so i let him have his little "safety cave".

cats tho...they get in the strangest places. more than once i've panicked when i couldn't find him, thinking he must have gotten out. went around the whole apartment, looking everywhere at least twice-no kitty... only to find them in some really strange place you'd think it's impossible for a cat to get into .the first time he hid in the boxspring thats what happened. i really thought he'd gotten out, and was about to go outside looking for him, when i noticed that the fabric of the boxspring was ripped open enough that he could climb inside..and there he was, sitting there. thats the frustrating thing-they know you're calling them, and they don't budge!
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I've learned that it's dangerous to leave ANYTHING open and turn your back! Bubbles climbed into the dishwasher when I turned to get more dishes.

And Leela climbed into mu husbands Guitar! Hed taken the string off to restring it and left the room to get something, came back and picked up the guitar and she popped her head out!

Ain't they great
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We once found Cooper stuck behind the water heater hanging upside down! Poor baby had been there for hours and all the blood vessels in his eyes were broken and he had peed all over himself. I was just so happy we found him because he most likely would have died had we not found him. He was very tired and dehydrated, but after lots of water, some food, and plenty of love, he was ok.

Cooper is the one who always manages to get himself in predicaments.
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When we first brought Lucy home, she got scared and crawled behind the fridge and under the dishwasher. She got stuck in all the wires and we couldn't reach her. She finally came out about an hour later..

Stinky used to crawl into our vents when it was cold in the winter (before we started letting him in), and we'd here a meowing noise coming from the floor in my room. We got the flashlight and looked down into the vent, and he was peeking up at us.

After we brought Sassy home, she usually just stayed under my bed. I was looking for her for something, and I looked under the bed, and she wasn't there, so I looked under the kitchen sink, because she liked to hide in there sometimes, and I still couldn't find her, so when I came back to my room, I peeked into the bathroom, and she was sleeping on the toilet seat.

Our siamese Sassy used to like to get into the cabinets and sleep on our plates, and they got all hairy, so we ended up having to make sure she couldn't get in there anymore.
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We used to have a Siamese cat who would climb the shower curtains and balance on the rod holding them. He would meow until one or more dogs came to investigate, and then jump down on them. One dog became totally neurotic about going in the bathroom!
The strangest place Jamie got into was the roughly 1 1/2" gap between the radiator and wall in our living room (he was ten weeks old). For the next few weeks, I had towels stuffed behind every radiator in the house - luckily it was summer. He still loves to get inside duvet covers and pillow cases.
When fwan's Teufel and Kaylee visited, Kaylee disappeared one day. I looked all over, and finally opened up a can of food in the spare bedroom, where I suspected she was, since Teufel was helping me look - she had crawled under our upright piano in there, looking for one of her toys (she pushed them all under there every day, and I would have to use a yardstick to get them out.). Don't ask me how she managed to fit.
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Milo was found under the oven, he went in through the cupboard which was open at the back and climbed under the oven. He was also found sleeping on top of my boyfriends dads clothes. He has a shelf on top of the clothes hanging up in his closet and Milo sleeps up there, and now Zebra does too.

I found Zebra in the bathroom hiding in the cabinet where there is an empty space. I also found her in a closed closet, she pushes on the door and then goes in through the little opening.

I found my cat sara (who lives with my parents) in my doll house when i was a kid. The door was really tiny and I had catnip hiding in there (her christmas present) and she pushed the door open and went in and was sitting in there eating the catnip, and she was way too big for it and was stuck sitting on the stairs.
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