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I've been trying to introduce my cat with my new roommates cat and things seem to be going okay. The thing is they are always chasing each other around and kind of fighting with each other, although usually no contact is made and they don't growl or hiss. Whenever one leaves the room or moves around the other will always follow and sometimes chase the other cat. I'm not sure if I should keep letting them chase each other around or if I should try and stop the behaviour. I don't want this to lead to any aggressive or violent behaviour later on. Anybody have any ideas on the subject?
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They are playing with each other. is it like playfighting like kittens do?
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I don't think they are close enough yet to be play fighting, although it could be. It's hard to tell because they aren't hurting each other for sure, although sometimes one cat will become agitated because the other keeps following them and then he will be a little more aggressive (although still not hurting the other one). It is back and forth a lot, I guess it could be play fighting, but if it is they sure do it a lot to each other. Sometimes one cat will try and be nice/curious and sniff the other or try to rub faces and usually the other one gets scared and swipes a little. Both cats have been pretty much isolated from any other cats so maybe they are just happy to have someone to play with. Is there any way to tell if it is friendly play fighting or not?
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My boys chase each other all the time. You may want to watch out for anything heavy that may fall on them (stereo speakers ect...) but the behavior is normal.
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Yeah I was just worried because it is still early in their introduction stage, well not that early, Mic has been here for a little over a month, but as far as them being in the same room hanging out, it is still pretty early.
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