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does anyone know why as of late my cat cookie is hiding all the time.he is usually a friendly cat who likes 2 prrr.maybe he not getting along with zakk or maybe he sick.if u know something let me know
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Well, I would take him to the vet and rule out any medical conditions.....that's what I just had to do with my cat Charley. He's obviously spooked by something...he's ok medically, so it's something else.

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Rule of thumb.. Never leave your account open or your husband will post something!
Cookie has been acting strange lately. We spent about an hour looking for him tonight. He is 10 mos and the lowest on the totem pole with the males, with Zakk being in charge. He is definitely submissive to Zakk. (gets right out his way when he walks through a room, etc) This week I haven't really seen him as much during feeding time. Normally he jumps right out with zakk. Don't think he is losing weight. He also isn't coming running when I shake the treats. We did hear him sneeze tonight, just once. I bought them a new cat tree set I don't think he has even checked it out. He has always been shyer than my other two boys but lately even his extremely shy sister has been more bold!
The only thing in the house that has changed is that we have been running the Air conditioners. They did give Suzie a start at first.
I think if he doesn't start behaving like himself this weekend I am making an appt.
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Don't wait - hiding is not a good sign (been there...). Hope everything's ok, but make sure they do a blood test.
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Originally Posted by zak&rocky
Rule of thumb.. Never leave your account open or your husband will post something!
I was looking at this post last night, and didn't think it was you that posted. First of all, it was in New Cats on the Block, and I have never seen you use "u" instead of "you"
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Hiding is usually a sign something isn't right. I would take him to the vet, make them run a CBC to start with to see if it's a virus or infection, and get a temp. How old was he when he had his FELV/FIV test? If he was very young, I'd rerun it, just to be safe. Rule out the medical, then start thinking about the mental. I hope eerything works out!!!
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Now everything seems normal... maybe.. He was exploring his new condo this morning, and spent some time this morning on there. He jumped up on the counter this morning and ate with Zakk, they have been getting along it seems, wasn't acting strange around him at all. Then he napped on his new perch. The only thing strange is that someone threw up this morning. This happens once in awhile, and usually I suspect Rocky, but it had wet food in it, so I think *could* have been Cookie. I did feed them iams pouches which I don't think Cookie has ever had before. We went out and did some work outside the house, and he hasn't been around. I'm going to feed them the wet again before we leave. We will see if he bounds out, though I did feed them a bit late as its the weekend this morning.

BTW I'm glad you guys realized it wasn't me! Maybe hubby should join.. He said he just wanted to know what was going on and didn't want to ask me to ask.. He loves our kitties too, of course and I guess he was really worried. I was more worried when we couldn't find Cookie! He's been forgiven for using my account.
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