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I don't know what it is

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My 7yr old cat Lu was missing for three days and i finally found her, but when i found her the left side of her face was swollen and there is a huge scab under her whiskers, but it doesn't look inflamated or anything just like a regular scab but i am still worried.I applied a topical cream called Fucidin but i am not sure if it can be used on animals, it was the only antibacterial cream i had so.......I think she got into a fight with another cat which she always does(Because she refuses to stay inside at nights), but there are some poisonous snakes on the loose not too far away from my neighborhood and i don't know if it's a snake bite for i know nothing on snakes. Does anyone have any idea whats really wrong.I don't really want to call the vet unless it is serious because the vets over here are quite expensive.Please Help!!!!!!!!
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Because we are not there and can not see your cat, none of us will be able to accurately diagnose your cat's problem. To me, it sounds like she needs to see a vet as soon as possible, especially if there is a chance it could be a snake bite. Good Luck and let us know how you make out.

Welcome to TCS.
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I'm going to suggest taking her into the vet anyway because it sounds like and abcessed wound which may need cleaning out with some prescribed antibiotics.

The reason I suggest that is one of my ferals had a wound on the side of his face that abcessed. He ws a feral kitten at the time and I had trouble getting much of a look, let alone picking up and caring for. Little Boo seemed to heel pretty much, but not entirely I found after finally taming him down and moving him in with me.
He had a problem with a running sore on the side o9f his face for months that I took him in to be cared for. He was prescribed antibiotics three different times to no avail. He ended up needeing surgery to close the drainage paths that had been created from having that untreated wound for so long. The vet said his system had created quite an extensive network that she had to address.

Now, the problem of his leaking face never seemed to bother him, (and whenever I grabbed a tissue he would sweetly raise his face to me to get cleaned off), but it certainly did me.

I'm pretty sure he never would have needed that surgery if that little wound had been taken care of right away.

Good luck with your Lu.
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I agree, it sounds like an abcess from a possible animal bite. You should take her to the vet ASAP, if it is left for too long she may require surgery.
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Well I don't really have much to say because i haven't been able to take Lu to the vet because i have been kind of busy, all i wanted to do was uplaod pics of her
Yea It looks pretty nasty I don't have any idea what could have done it, but at least i Know its not a snake.When my step dad gets back we'll be taking her to the vet.
Oh ya you'll have to copy and paste the link k ^_^.
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That looks terrible.The poor cat needs to get to a vet ASAP! Too busy or not you need to make time and get to the vets..
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This cat needs a vet NOW not later. Please rearrange your schedule and get her in for treatment and antibiotics. Looks like she might have caught her head in a wire fence.
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I agree - please take her to a vet sooner rather than later.
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I agree too! Please do not delay in getting your cat the vet urgently!!!

She needs to get onto treatment as soon as possible to prevent anything else happening to her!
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the kitty needs to see a vet thats a very sensitive area shes gotta be in a lot of pain.
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Oh, that poor baby. I wonder what happened. Please get her checked asap, if not sooner than that. Please let us know what happens.
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Owwwww... that makes my face hurt just looking at it!
I hope your stepdad is back by now and Lu has been to a vet.

I know you're only 16 and may not be able to take her to the vet yourself, but your kitty really really needs treatment for that, and you obviously care about her a lot. Imagine if something like that was on your face... would you want to wait to go to the hospital?

I hope Lu feels better soon!
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Originally Posted by Sherifu
When my step dad gets back we'll be taking her to the vet.
I do hope that means today, this morning, as there is nothing else more important.

If he is delayed call a cab, call a friend, but just go.
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Yes, please get your kitty to the vet ASAP. Call your stepdad and see if he can get back sooner to take you. If not, call friends, family members, neighbors, etc. If that is not taken care of immediately, your cat could get an infection and it could just make things worse.

Please let us know how it goes.
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Oh good grief thats raw and she must has to be in pain bless her

Put everything on hold please and get her to the vet asap.
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Ok everyone I don't remeber where i posted the last Thread so.....But anyways Lu is great it was abcessed and the vet just gave her some antibiotics,so Lu is doing great^_^.She is up and about as usual.YAY.So no need to worry
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Wonderfull. I'm glad you got her into the vets
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I'm so glad your kitty is ok!
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