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New Pet!!!  

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Tonight, I am getting a Savannah Monitor.
For those who are lost...
a Savannah Monitor is a Lizard, native to Africa... He will grow up to 4 feet long!!!!

He is only a baby right now, 6 inches by the time he is big enough to come out and hang out with us, the kits will be big and able to move away.

I have been planning on getting this guy for ages, and the other half was just plain against it. He came home with the tank and supplies last night, as a surprise for me!

Sure beats flowers.

In his words, ' Nothing says love like a big, dirty lizard!'

I guess this is his way of making up for being a jerk lately?


PS... I will post pics later!
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Awww! Congrats on your new pet! lol-I can't wait to see pictures-I Google Imaged the lizard, and they are so cool looking! lol!
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I know! Thanks for the kind comment, I didn't know what I was getting into, posting on here about a 4 foot lizard
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Can't wait to see the pics!
I'd be afraid to let the cats too close though!
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I love lizards!
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Oh, the kitties will be appropriately distanced. Right now, they are more a threat to him!

Loki will be home in about 20 minutes! Tank is all prepped!!!! Pics soon!
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Okay, Loki is home!
And I am enamoured.
Luckily, the cats aren't even paying attention to him.
I have some photos of the little guy, who is just a hatchling, very small!

I will post them soon!
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Congradulations on your new savannah monitor!!! I love lizards, so i can't wait to see pictures of your new baby!
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sounds cool! Looking forward to the pics.
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were do you get thoes from? i love to have one!!
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Okay were are the pictures? I wanna see, wanna see, wanna see !
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Posting NOW!!!!!

Sorry for the wait, wasn't on here for ages.
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Okay, here are the long awaited photos of Loki....

That is Loki chilling out on his log.
Cuddle time!
He loves to swim in his water dish!

Tell me what you think!
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He's very cute!
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Sadly, Loki passed away sometime last night/this morning.

Something may have been wrong with his digestive system.

I am fairly upset, so forgive me for the bluntness.

I have posted in Crossing the Bridge, for those of you who were interested, and waited for Loki's photos.
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I am very very sorry Play happy at the brigde.
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Out of respect for Loki, I am now closing this thread.

RIP Loki
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