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What drew you to cats

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Well when I was little we had a few cats my mom had them. But my aunt had a indoor/ outdoor cat named Jinx. And I petter her all the time. And when I was in high school this little stray showed up and we had dogs that would kill cats back then and I coaxed her out from under the house and brung her in and dad told the dogs no and they never bothered her. (they were great dogs) and she had some kittens and she was my dad's he just really loved her. And then I got my own cat when I moved out on my own. And then by the time I was 22 fixing to turn 23 I found Tavia and she has been my girl since then. And now I can't imagine ever being without cats. I just love them so much. Always did but Tavia was what decided I was a cat person more than a dog person.
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I was mauled by a dog when I was three, so my Mom decided that dogs were out in the pet department.

BTW~ I now like dogs and am thinking about getting one once we have a house.
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A pregnant stray showed up at my door, and I fed her, so she stayed until she had her litter, went away, came back pregnant again. We found homes for most of the kittens, and kept one. It unfortunately had a fatal birth defect, so it did not live very long. Then Fred and his bro showed up, and Fred lived out his life with us. His brother left after 7 years and ended up as the Pet of the Week on a local news show. He was adopted before we could claim him.
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I've admired cats from afar for many years.

When I was 8 there were a lot of strays around in the city we lived in. My mom hated cats (because they shed, however she loves dogs, although we never had either) and told me not to feed them. When she wasn't home(which was often), I'd give the kittens I saw diluted milk in disposable dishes and throw them away when they were done drinking it.

I loved the way the looked, the way they played, and their different personalities.

As I got older, a few of my friends had cats, and my love of them did not change through the years. Oddly, when I finally left home, my very first pet ever (Pudge) came unexpectedly two months later. Since then, I've rescued, fostered, and adopted out 9 other cats. I am very happy to finally be able to admire cats up close.
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Well, I was little and have always loved cats. I got Sherbert because I just HAD to have a pet, and even though I loved Bozley, I REALLY wanted a cat, too! lol! I love how sweet they are, but you don't have to spend as much time training them as you do with dogs-housetraining, I mean! lol! I love how cats seem to pick up on it!
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i grew up with animals - we always had a cat or cats, and at least one dog. we also had over the years geese, ducks, lovebirds, hamsters, gerbils, and mice. my mom drew the line at getting a snake though. as a result i grew up loving all animals, but what drew me to cats was their grace and their dual nature - they can be so loving, snuggling up and purring, curling up on your lap and just looking so content...and yet if you call them they just look at you like "you expect me to come to my name like a [i]dog/i]? they do their own thing, they're independant. they don't beg for your affection like a dog, and if you offend them they'll let you know it.

i'm also fascinated by how they can look so sweet, and yet be such killers-stalking and killing mice, and the look they get when they're hunting-crouched low to the ground, tail twitching as they inch forward slowly, silently...then they get ready to pounce, and their hind end wriggles with excitement..and then they pounce! and grab their prey by the neck and rend it with their hind feet. they're a contradiction, and thus endlessly fascinating
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When I was really little, we had a bunch of hunting dogs.. like, pens full of dogs. After mom moved out and took me with her, I didn't have any pets, and when we finally got our own house, and I started getting more and more interested in cats because I'd never had one, so I started asking her for one. There was this old lady down the street who had like, literally 30+ cats (and this was in a trailer court ) so we went to her when she said she had a new litter of kittens. I found a siamese, and she was the only one old enough to be taken away from her mom at the time, so I picked her. I named her Sassy after the siamese Sassy on "Homeward Bound" (it was like, my favorite movie at the time) and let me tell you.. she was nothing like the Sassy in the movie. My mom thought she was crazy. She bit and attacked almost everyone who tried to touch her once she started getting older. We still loved her, even though she had like, a major case of cattitude.
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I never even liked cats until one of my roommates' yoga teacher had to get rid of a Siamese cat. I took him in so he wouldn't be euthanized and I fell in love with him right away.

RIP Chester, you are dearly missed.
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I was born to be cat crazy. My family is!
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I have always had cats and dogs, growing up. I would never ever be able to have a house, with no animals!! I just love 'em all
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When I was younger I was terrified of dogs.
I remember whenever I was walking home from school, I'd see
stray cats watching me from the bushes or see a person's cat sitting at
the window and thought,"Cats don't try to run up to you like dogs do.I like them better!" I remember feeling blessed whenever one turned up on our porch for a cat nap! So in my earlier teens I tried beggin my parents for a cat after several years and begging and researching, I got my first cat!
Nowaydays Im no longer so fearful of dogs and feel comfortable around them.
But theres just something about cats that just pull me in.
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I grew up with cats for the first few years of my life, then my mom married a horrible man that hated cats and I wasn't allowed to have any. When I got older I guess I overcompensated and got as many as I wanted!
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I have always had cats in my life from the day I was born
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I am a born cat lover. My mom has written in my baby book how much I loved cats.
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When I was young, we always had dogs and cats. I liked the dogs, but the cats facinated me. They were always so regal, to beautiful to watch. I enjoy everything about them. When we got this house, honey didn't want pets, I was heartbroken. So one day I came home from work, and he had a kitten he got from his cousin, (Twig) behind his back, He gave Twig to me and that was the start of our 4 cat household. He's a great man! I can't imagine our house without cats in it anymore! it'd be empty. Twig has chosen Brad as his. I get the other three. Now that we have the king sized bed, (and I can sleep on it finally) it's comical to watch them all sleeping on it!
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I had a cat that I was attached to from a baby... my beloved Tips cat. Then we moved and left her behind with my grandpa, she soon after died without me (was not my choice and at 11 your parents dont' give you option ) I didn't have a cat after that until after my parent's divorce, and then AGAIN my mom gave the cat away and the cat died This happened to me THREE MORE TIMES (it's a wonder I even have cats now LOL) and finally I got my Reba, I was on my own, no parents to tell me to get rid of my kitty and I have kept her ever since. In fact I told DH when we started dating, if you think about getting rid of my cat dont' even try it, she is here to STAY! (I loved his reply, "No way, you two are one, I wouldn't even imagine!") Now we have three, and I told DH I will NOT go through my life without at least one cat EVER again... and i intend hold onto that...

All because for the first 11 years of my life I had a best friend, a special bond to a special lady cat that can only be made WITH a cat. I can't imagine never liking a cat... I just can't imagine.
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I have always had a cat, (or 2 or 3 or more). My first cat, even tho I don't remember him was when I was 2 or 3. We had this big black cat that had 6 toes named Paws. I have seen pictures of me with him.

In the 2nd grade, I got a kitten from a school mate, whom we named Tarzan. He used to run across the room and swing on the curtains, hince the name. He was a huge neutered cat who survived a nasty urinary infection t be killed when I was 20 by a huge dog who came in our yard.

When I was a young teenager, we had a black cat named Bones (long story on the name) and her daughter, Cotton (who was long haird, white with siamese like markings). Both had kittens on the same morning, Bones on my brother, David's bed and Cotton on my other brother, Stan's bed. They moved both litters together and took care of each other's brood. Pity the poor dog that came in our yard. LOL! The one time a dog was brave enough to venture in to the yard, both mama cats attacked him. He was actually trying to climb a tree to get away from them with both mamas clawing his back!

There are many more stories to tell to numerous to list here. These are only some of the stories from my childhood...
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I've always been an animal lover and tried to take care of strays when I was little. I had my first experience with a live in cat when I met Colin. Colin had Jiro, an apple head siamese since he was 12yrs old. Jiro decided I was okay and would sleep on my tummy (the first time he did this I thought I had a tummy ache until I felt fur when I reached down to rub my stomach).

I told Colin it was because it was the only way he can sleep next to him w/out being crushed between us. Jiro was one month shy of this 20th birthday (yup, human years) and we have not been catless since then, except for a week between Bart's passing and Chloe's arrival.
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You mean there is life without cats?
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We have always had cats - until my mum got with her new fella who doesn't like them so we had to get rid of one of our cats. And my grandparents had cats for years. Yet none of them can understand why I woudl want more than one cat!!! I always said I woudl ahve a houseful of animals - but did have to foster to acheive that.
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