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New Oriental SH colors?

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Just curious as to what you all think of the new oriental colors that are now accepted/shown? I'm talking about the bicolors/calicos or tabby/whites?

I think they are cool and very elegant - I'd love to own a bicolor oriental one day
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The breeder I bought Tolly from had just had some bi-coloured kittens when we went to pick him up, I didn't like them. The splodges seem to detract from their sleek lines.
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I don't think bicolors and OS's "go", either. Nor do the tabbies grab me- it really seems to take away from their lines. To me the esthetics of Orientals are all about elegance and breaks in the color seem to disrupt that.
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Interesting opinons and I can understand. I think the rexes look better in more solid colors (for their wavy coats) then some of the mixed colors.

Even tho Ling's a mixed, she's pretty darn close to a bicolor oriental type - long body, slendar build, somewhat oriental shaped head, and a MOUTH .

But she is marked very well that would be the type of bicolor oriental I'd like - just white paws, white chest, and a spot of white on the face - rest of body is solid black so it still would show off the lines if she was a purebred. But you can't control bicolor (white spotting) very well or the other markings.
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The pattern you're describing is called "mantle" or "irish spotting" in dogs, most familiar in the Boston Terrier, right? More white than a tuxedo?

I certainly did not mean that your kitties are not attractive
I am such a purist when it comes to dog colors, and I have a really difficult time accepting new ones. I haven't adjusted to chocolate Cockers yet and they've been around since the 60's

Is this a color you are going to be working on?
It's interesting!
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I pretty much stopped breeding - I plan on showing Ling a few times in HHP classes after we move. But nothing like I did before. My passion still is for the orientals. Long time ago when I first started showing I fell in love with one of the top OSH's in the country - Typha's Nite Sprite - a black with a shine on his coat you could see from the other end of the show hall!

Will eventually get a photo of Ling - but she's really more of the tuxedo in markings - she only has two white spots by her mouth - but has the white on chest, feet and a little more on back legs then the front. Rest of her is black
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