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interior decorating

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I love my kitty, Maggie. She's a riot and so much fun to watch, however--she destroys everything! Not my furniture--she scratches on a special rug. But my home accessories are always strewn around my apartment. She's knocked things off the walls(she jumps on the table and then bats at them till they fall down). She knocks candles off the end tables. I no longer have anything on my walls and I have to move my candles and flower arrangments. It's like she's holding me hostage in a stark apartment! She typically only does this when I'm not home. She knows better when I'm there. Last night she was getting ready to jump up onto a table with tealights on it and I said, "no". She promptly looked back at me and said, "Meow" She talks back to me! Of course then she jumped up and I sprayed her and everything was fine. Any suggestions? My house is boring with no color left on the walls because of this little misfit!
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Okay, may I start by finding out how old she is? Is she spayed? Does she do it while you are home at all?
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Maggie is 6 months, spayed about 3 weeks ago. She doesn't do it when I'm home. If she looks like she's going to attempt to jump on a restricted item--she looks at me to see if I'm watching and I say no and she leaves it alone. She's not wild-tearing around the house destroying stuff. She just scatters things--she's too curious for her own good!
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Yes, kittens can be pretty frustrating as they are growing up. My first thought is that she is just bored. Kittens who are bored, will go find stuff to get into. She could also be upset that she is left alone while you are gone. The first thing you might want to do is invest in a semi tall cat tree, one she can climb and perch on. Then make sure she has a basket of little toys to play with..like the little mice or sparkly balls. I also recomend what they call the kitty gym. It looks like an infants gym, it has dangly cat toys hanging from it. Also, try to interact with her before you are gone for long periods of time. Get a feather teaser out for a little while with her. Give her a reason for a cat nap. The busier they are, the happier and less prone to finding things to get into. The last option,is to get her a play mate if possible. It sounds funny, but cats are usually a lot easier and better in pairs. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask!!
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Dear Mindi,

As to Sandie's suggestion for a cat tree: if $ is a concern, I picked up one at Wal-Mart for $30. Not as deluxe as the pricey model, but it does the job.

Good luck. I have a 2-year-old "misfit" of my own. He doesn't seem to be fitting in any better as time goes on, but, boy, is he lovable!
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Thanks for the suggestions. She has more toys than she needs and I always play with her right before I leave for work and the second I get home. I'm saving $ to get her a cat tree/condo. I know she'd love it! Just when I get irritated by her she walks over to me and puts her paws on my chest and nuzzles me with her nose. It's hard to stay mad!
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