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I am treating my cat with Vetropolycin HC for a mild eye infection (unknown what kind). The vet told me it was mild conjunctivitis. Drainage ducts are fine. The drippy little eye crusties started out yellowish color for 2 weeks, then turned black color for 1 week before taking her in to the vet. I barely saw the "third eye-lid" (haw) starting to show. No other symptoms, no swelling, no redness.

Prior to receiving the Vetropolycin HC cream, a corneal staining was done to check for ulcers or scratches. Negative on both.

I am on day 3 of treatment with Vetropolycin HC cream, which is a triple antibotic/hydrocortisone ointment. I am treating 2x a day for 5 -7 days. The eye crusties were gone within 1 day.

Kitty seems to be squinting constantly, almost as if her eyes want to close totally, but she is forcing them open. Then she opens them and they seem okay for a bit, then right back to squinting. It is the kind of squinting that appears when the light is too bright for her eyes, but it happens even if the room is dark.

Any one else have this problem during treatment with Vetropolycin HC? Did this resolve itself after ending treatment with the ointment? Thoughts besides "call your vet"? Already did that and he said continue treatment.