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Siamese kitty

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Could anyone tell me the temperment of siamese kitty's? Their personalities etc.
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active VOCAL sweet
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Thank you sharky! I am lanning on getting a siamese kitten which will be ready in august and wanted to learn more about them.
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They can be a bit possessive of their owners too, some are 1 person cats, and like Sharky said they are very affectionate, love to talk and they are intelligent too! Meezers are great
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Siamese are wonderful friends. When you're sad, they cuddle you. When you're happy, they celebrate with you (vocally). I lived with Siamese all of my life and my cats each had beautiful personalities. However, some Siamese can be a bit stubborn. I spent a lot of time training my cats to be social and part of the family -- I believe that's the key to having a social animal (i.e. one who comes when you call them, not when they want to come)
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Do you guys think the new addition will be ok with my other two kitty's? Or are siamese more like by there self and don't really like the company of other cats?
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When my two older cats died last year, my siamese mix Viola was very lonely that's when I got Natasha

She took to her right away.
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Siamese love to carry on conversations with you They can be demanding and stubborn, but very smart. They think they own the world too.

I know rexes like to keep to their own or similiar (siamese/oriental) types and think siamese have a tendency to do the same. But it depends on the individual cat.

Just be sure to spay/neuter early - they are early bloomers (I know of a 5 month old kitten who was a daddy at 7 months! When in season, siamese talk louder and longer then normal.
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She will be spayed before i get her so no problems there! I just hope she is a perfect fit for our family, which i'm sure she will be!
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Do you have preference for point color? Seal, blue, chocolate, red, cream, or lilac? And don't forget the tabby and tortie points....
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not really, I do like the tan ones with the chocolate patches oh and blue eyes.
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ALL siamse have blue eyes - deeper the color the better - some almost have a violet blue shade

And I think you are talking about chocolate points with the hint of chocolate shading in the coats - they tend to stay lighter in body color then a seal or blue point.

When you are looking for your siamese, its better to use the proper color point - otherwise the person will know you don't know your siamese Point color is seal (dark black/brown), blue (greyish color), chocolate (milk chocolate color), and lilac (pinkish blue - the lightest shading on the points). Then you have red points (reddish orange) or cream (pale buttercream points). And you can go into the tabby points (color with stripes) or tortie (seal/red point color), etc.

I recommend you go to the library and get a few siamese books out so you can read about them before you go looking for them.
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The one i'm looking at is a rescue lets see if i can get a pic on here for you. of course you can't tell in the pic but she has gotten bigger now and is starting to have the blackish color patches on the tips of her ears and tail and face.she may be a mix but the way she is growing into her features its highly doubtful.
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Friskcatz, what a sweetie! Siamese change so much in looks from kitten to cat.

Beware of Siamese! They practice mind control. I will be reading and suddenly get the thought to fill the food bowl up. I get and up and find Cliodhna staring at me intently.....aaargghh!
They are wonderful cats, Cliodhna is the sweetest girl. Sam is part Siamese, he's a lover. And Pru is a Siamese wannabe.
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well, i can't wait to get my kitty!!! It sounds like she just may have quite the personality!
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Originally Posted by jean-ji
Beware of Siamese! They practice mind control. I will be reading and suddenly get the thought to fill the food bowl up. I get and up and find Cliodhna staring at me intently.....aaargghh!
Yes!!! This is so funny, but it is absolutely true. And the look on their face as they are staring at you is so very descriptive ... you can just about see the cartoon bubble popping up over their head ...

"You want to feed me. You want to feed me now."

... as you are getting up to feed them!
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