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New Home for Kitty Family - Momma seems depressed

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A lady my wife works with often takes in abandoned cats and nurses them to health as needed and either finds a good home for them herself, or gives them to a local rescue group to do so.

Last week my wife and I took a momma cat and her two kittens that has just been "fixed". The kittens have adjusted well. One outgoing male took to me immediately (he's my little furry buddy) and the other has taken to us over the course of the week (she was a a bit skittish and we let her decide when to come to us). They play together regularly as well as with my wife and I. The only behavior issue we have with them is getting on the end tables and now the dining room table as well. We just always ask them to get down and pat the floor gently. If they don't get down, we set them down. If they do, we pet them gently with soothing words of praise.

The momma cat, however, does not seem to be adjusting as well. She shows no real behavior issues (she doesn't "act out"), but she just sorta lies around or mopes about. She also has bouts of being very vocal. She continues to care for the kittens (cleaning them and so forth), and she occasionally will play with us when we are playing with the kittens, but she bores quickly and goes back to just laying on the couch. My wife and I both make attempts often to include her and show her she is loved. She doesn't shy away from us, but it more a look of toleration than actual acceptance.

We are certain she was an outdoor cat and she is now an indoor cat. Currently, until we can adequately kitten-proof the house and are certain they will do well on their own, we place them in a very large cage in the den area while we are away. But we have them out whenever we are home, and show them all lots of attention.

Is there anything special we can do to help the momma cat adjust better? Thanks.
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Get her to the vet to be checked out first and foremost. Once it has been determined it is NOT a health issue, then look further at what might be wrong.
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Do you know how old she is? She could just be mellow. Is she interested in anything?

When she is not fussing at me, my almost-six-year-old cat spends most of her day inert, napping and watching squirrels.
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She's about 1-2 years old by everyone's best guess.

She has been to the vet twice within the past 2-3 weeks when she was "fixed" (just prior to our getting her) and was given a clean bill at that time. She acted very much the same at the friend's apartment when we went to first see them all.

Being older, we guessed it would simply take longer for her to bond with us. Is this a reasonable assumption? Plus, we figure she could be thinking we're just another temporary arrangement and doesn't want to get too attached.

Other than seeming bored and uninterested in us, she is an extremely well-behaved kitty. She scratches on her posts and pads and nothing else, and doesn't climb anywhere she shouldn't.

However, momma does perk up considerably and rub against our legs purring extremely loudly when it is feeding time and we're getting their foods dishes ready.

Sunday afternoon will be our first full week together.
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