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Odd behavior changes

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I am at a loss for an end to this problem. My female cat is 9 years old. Approx. 2 weeks ago. Her behavior took an overnight drastic change. I came down into the basement and was in shock. She had dirtied on on top of our freezer, on the water machine, on basically any piece of furniture around.And, she was perched on one of our lazy boys just staring at me with this bizarre look in her eyes and actually snarled at me once. She still has this glazed look in her eyes even now. There has been no change in her lifestyle to upset her and cause this. Her food is the same and her litter box always clean. We have not moved. No one has moved in etc...She has gone just all of a sudden from a loving, affectionate cat to one I no longer recognize and am beginning to lose patience with.

I immediately called the vet. once this began. She will be seeing her next week. We had thought for a few days that she was getting better (she was purring and meowing for food) and unfortunatly decided to wait it out. The vet is booked solid until monday (this is a small community) . In the meantime, any suggestions on how to get through the next 4 days without the frustration? I do not want to put her in a cage but after 2 weeks I am also exhausted having to continuously search and clean up after her. Between waking up and checking to see if my 3 year old still has a dry bed, I now also need to scan the whole basement to see where she's gone because her litter box remains intact.

She is an indoor cat who never ventures outside. Is this something that can happen anytime, whatever this is? Someone mentioned plants being poisoneous and can cause these kinds of problems if she has eaten any leaves. The only new one we have is a geranium. I don't know if this is one of the plants that can cause a reaction. I guess I'll know by monday what is going on but until then.....any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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A sudden change in behavior could be a sign of illness and the cat should be examined by a vet ASAP. Is there another vet in your area who could see your cat before Monday?
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I moved this thread to the behavior forums...I thought it might be more suited here. I don't have much advice, but there are alot of others here who know alot about cat behavior!

Please let us know what the vet says!!!!! I hope everything will be okay.
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Geraniums are toxic to kitties. I would take her in to the vet immediately if you can. Call them and tell them that you might have an emergency on your hands and explain the symptoms. Also take a sample of her latest stool with you sealed up tight in a baggie. Write your name and kitty's name on the baggie for the vet. Good luck!
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Hi Ghyslaine,

I have been concerned after reading your post ... are there any updates?

Hoping everything is alright,

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This morning, she seems more friendly than she has been in a long time. Jumped up on my lap. She is also grooming herself which I haven't seen in a while. But,...the litter box remains empty.

I have a call planned for a different vet later. I was hoping she could be seen by her regular vet but now, I just want her to be checked.

Thank you Debby for the re-direction (first time user!) and thank you all for the replies. Will definately keep you posted.
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In the meantime while you wait for the vet appt, maybe try putting a couple more litter boxes around in various areas with a different brand of unscented litter. You don't need to go out and buy anything fancy for her litter box -- a Rubbermaid tub will work fine. Hope kitty continues to improve.
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Thanks for the multiple litter box advice. Good idea. Never crossed my mind. I'd been moving hers around to where she has her "accidents" but have been told not to do that. I will do my check her out tonight when I get home from work and see if she has continued to improve. And I will definatly add at least another litter box.

Once again, thank you to all. You have been a God send. All of this advice has been greatly appreciated.
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I hope you also put the geranium somewhere that she can't reach.
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The geranium was discarded as soon as I heard it may be the cause. Also, went out last night, bought 2 new litter boxes and some regular kitty litter (was using the "clumping" kind). No sooner had I placed the box near her, she jumped in and has used it (both) a few times since. She also seems to be "almost" back to normal. Still a bit jumpy but wants to be around us again. Planning on getting her looked at regardless.
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Great news! Thanks for the update.
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Glad to hear she's doing better!
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Yay! Whiskers was given a clean bill of health. Nothing wrong with her. They can't even tell me what it might have been because whatever happened, is no longer apparent or in her system. She is back to her normal 100% self. Whew! What an experience.

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That's great news!
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I am so happy Whiskers is okay!!!!! Great news!!!
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