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Pictures of Callie

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Hi... I signed up here last year but I have not been very active! Just wanted to re-introduce myself and show you pictures of my beautiful girl because I finally figured out remote linking. ha! The pictures are still so big though and I don't know how to shrink them!

Here is my girl Callie... she is the queen!

And ... here is my baby Dusty, who crossed the rainbow bridge at about 6 weeks of age... what an angel he was. RIP, my sweet little guy...
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I guess I should post something about myself, huh?

I'm 22 years old and I've always been an animal lover. Last summer, a lady at work told me about a kitten she rescued that she needed to find a home for... I told her that I would take him. That was Dusty, the last one in the picture. He was so dirty and hungry when I got him, and I could feel every sharp piece of his little backbone. I bathed him with lemon dish soap since he was too young for a flea dip. He was never a really healthy boy, but he was the most loving creature I have ever known... anytime I was watching TV or on the computer, he had to be on my lap. If I was cooking dinner, he would position himself right next to my feet, sometimes on top of them. He would get so loud at night when I closed my bedroom door... he hated to be alone.

One night, Dusty became listless. He was unable to jump on my lap like he always did, and I realized that something was wrong. I've heard of fading kitten syndrome, and I think that is what happened to him... kind of like SIDS for cats. I was so distraught after he died... I only had him for 2 weeks but he left his little paw imprints on my heart forever.

A few months later, there was still a void in my life. I missed Dusty... I missed having a cat around. I visited a shelter and called a vet's office to see if any animals needed a home, and they told me about Callie. She was an 8 week-old sprightly kitten, full of energy, and very affectionate. Her "foster parents" were cat lovers who rescued her when she was thrown from a moving truck in front of them (whether it was accidental or somebody did it on purpose, I don't want to know). I visited them and took her home with me. She was and still is very active and she has an extremely dominating feline personality.

I took her to my in-laws house once, and they have two old cats... Callie decided she was going to be the Alpha cat for the day and ran the other two out of her space! Once, I asked my brother to watch her when I went out of town, and he told me that she attacked him when he entered the house, like she was defending her territory against an intruder. She continued attacking his leg throughout his time there, and when he emerged from the room that we keep her litterbox in, she jumped on top of him from atop a dresser. It makes me laugh to think that we have our own "watchcat" in the house.

However, she is very loving most of the time! I now leave my door cracked at night so she can crawl into the bed with me, which she does... she likes to curl up in my hair and rest on my neck and shoulder. It's very sweet! When she was a baby, she had this quirk... she tried to suck on my earlobes, like she was trying to nurse. I always thought that meant that she was taken away from her mother at too young of an age, which is probably true. Every now and then she still tries to do that, and she's about a year old now.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! I love being a cat owner and I would have a million if I could!
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Welcome - back!

I'm so sorry about little Dusty - he was adorable! And it was so wonderful that you took him in and filled his life with love for the short time he was here. Callie is beautiful!

See you on the boards!

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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello It's nice to meet you! Welcome to TCS!

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