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Fur missing

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Hi everyone,

there is a cat next door to my workplace. whenever i arrive in the morning, she comes running over for some luv.

a couple of weeks ago i noticed that one side of her face was missing a patch of fur. it was like the fur was scalped off, no bleeding and the raw flesh underneath was not oozing anything; just red. well, that has since scabbed up and healed, there is only a really small scab left.
now i notice that she has the same thing under one of her front legs, right in the armpit.

it doesn't seem to bother her and she let me look at it without fuss.
i looked up some pictures on mange and this doesn't look like it. one of the other girls i work with said not to pet her cause i may bring mange home to my boys.

i feel sorry for this little girl kitty because her owners always leave her outside; and she's had her front claws removed (no WAY would i do that).
i also learned that she had some kittens this past december. i hope she is fixed now!

the patch doesn't look burned or chewed up in any way, any idea what is happening to her fur? is it a different kind of mange?
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The first thing that comes to my mind without looking at it is either a food allergy or ringworm. Too common problems for missing fur around the face with no open wound.
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I agree with Pirate's Mommy, it does sound like ringworm or food allergy. Here are some sites with pictures of cat ringworm:

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thanks for the pics but it doesn't really look like any of those ones.

it looks like a hunk of fur was just ripped off in an irregular shape, no crust, no grey, no circles.

next time i see her i'll take a pic of her
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