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My Disaster

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We almost had a dead cat yesterday. Josh brought home some of those zip ties for the fridge because Lexi will just go in and eat/waste whatever she wants. I put them on top of the microwave that's on top of the fridge. She somehow got them. I was in the back putting a load of laundry in and Lexi hauls out a lifeless cat (our mommy cat DioGee) and says "look mom, I made a collar for DioGee!" I grabbed DioGee and RAN to my room to for the scissors. DioGees eyes were rolling back in her head and she wasn't breathing at ALL! That thing was SOOO tight that I couldn't even get the scissors in between the tie and her neck! I don't know how I managed to do it, but I eventually cut it off! Remembering the kittens, I RAN back to their room while holding DioGee. After glancing at the kittens and seeing that THEY didn't have any on THEIR necks, I laid DioGee on the floor and started rubbing her head and belly. I put the kittens next to her to eat because if she was dead, they might as well get it now. Eventually DioGee started breathing normally again and she opened her eyes. She started PURRING! I held her for almost a half an hour to make sure she was okay. And damn it, I was SO happy she wasn't gone. Mommy is doing SO well now. But I'm bringing her to the vet on Monday to make sure nothing is damaged.
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Purring doesn't always mean a cat is happy. Since DioGee started purring as soon as she was conscious again, it could have meant she was in pain from having that zip tie thing wound around her neck so tightly. I'm glad you're taking
DioGee to the vet, but is there any way they could see her before Monday?
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Aw. I'm so glad everything turned out ok. It just goes to show ya - you prepare for everything then there's a curveball like that.
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I am glad she seems okay but reemember cats purr when they are in a lot of pain too, so the purring might not be a good thing.
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I will tell you right now that your cat is in pain. If you've luckily never experienced anything similar, you feel like your entire head is busting open when you regain consciousness, the pain is so annihilating. Also, her neck probably hurts really bad as well. I'm glad you're bringing her to the vet monday, but she needs one before that if at all possible. It is likely that, if your daughter put it on tight enough that she couldn't breathe it was also cutting off the blood supply to the brain.

You can do CPR on a cat. It's probably a good idea for anyone with a cat to learn how to do it so you don't have to just wait and see if she'll start breathing again.

It might be a good time to consider restricting access to the kittens for your daughter to supervised-time only, and maybe putting them in a room with a lock on the door? (You said you were concerned that she had done the same to them).

Anyway, I'm glad everything turned out decent so far, from what you can see. Keep us updated, must have been a terrifying time for you.
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Please let us know how it goes... Sendig tons of prayers...
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Oh, what a horrible thing to happen! When I was a kid, my cousin put a rubber band around a dog's neck, and over weeks and months, it cut into him until it almost killed him. Even a normally well behaved child can be unsafe with pets sometimes.

I'm glad you got to the cat so quickly. I hope the vet finds she is ok on Monday!
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OMG! You had me on my toes for a minute there!!!!!!!

I am so glad that it turned out the way that it did. Make sure you tell the vet what happened so he can check her out for that. Try and explain to your daughter that you know she meant well but it hurt the kitty, and to never, ever put anything around any animals neck unless you tell her to.

Also keep the kittens in a safe spot, even though your daughter mean well at her age she just doesn't understand, and might do something else like put hard catfood into a kitten who is too small and too young to have cat food in it's mouth, or anything like that. I am not implying that your doughter is mean, just that she doesn't understand yet.
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