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Originally Posted by moggiegirl
You might consider subscribing to catwatch and catnip newsletter. <snip> I love these newsletters. I get both of them every month. http://www.catwatchnewsletter.com/ You can contact the same organization to get catnip newsletter as well. They're so fun to read.
I get Cat Watch and very much enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by bronte73
The reading I had done indicated that the dry food was better for their teeth so I had no idea. I am going to feed Ripley wet food then. I want him to be healthy and after all the trouble I had with Reilly and his uti's, I certainly want to lessen the risks of that too! Thanks for the info. It was really helpful.

Ripley doesn't eat a whole lot. He eats some dry food and about a tablespoon of wet food 2x a day. Is that enough??? He doesn't seem to be begging for food.
IMHO, Feed Ripley whatever he will eat. If he will eat only a tablespoon of wet then feed only a tablespoon of wet twice a day and the rest dry but if he will eat more wet food then feed more wet. More moisture in the diet is always best. Maybe you can increase it to 2 tablespoons twice a day or a quarter of a 6 ounce can twice a day or 1/2 of a 3 ounce can twice a day. Be sure to reduce the dry when increasing the wet so Ripley won't get fat.
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I finally got Zoey eating a little wet and raw ... I did it by literal fingertip sized portions at first ... she is now up to half a teaspoon at a time
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My cats get permium dry food only except for special circumstances. One cat has perfect teeth, the other has big problems with his teeth (he gets little holes in them down by the base). They were fed canned food up until age 5 and both of them had bad teeth as well as some other problems. So I can only conclude that one cat genetically has terrible teeth, and the other's teeth do very well on a dry-only diet.

I feed dry food only for a variety of reasons. 1) Their litterbox is much more managable when they eat dry; 2) They're horrible beggars when fed canned food and seem hungry all the time; 3) Their breath is HORRIBLE when they eat canned food. It got so bad at one point that I took them to the vet, I was worried they had an infection or something else wrong; 4) They go through a lot of canned food, which creates a lot of waste and trips to the pet food store.

They seem happy with their dry food, they eat it with gusto and drink plenty of water. Their kidneys are doing great, even though they're both old boys at 15.
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