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Happy Birthday lisalee & SnowLeop !!!!

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Enjoy your day !!

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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy Birthday Guys!!!
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Hope you both have a wonderful day!!!

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Happy Birthday

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Awwww... thanks guys!

It was a bit of a boring birthday. I had dinner with my mom and her boyfriend at an upscale Italian restaurant. I don't know what it is about upscale Italian joints but they never seem to embrace "the tomato" like they should. (I am the kind of gal that asks for extra tomato sauce on my pizza so "il pomodoro" is extremely important to me). Also, the waiters were a tad overbearing and unctuous. I think most of them were from Mexico or Latin America but they pretended to be Italian.

So, next year, I think I'll opt to go out with the friends for cheap Mexican and frozen margharitas!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! I had a nice day, nothing terribly exciting just worked, did a little shopping and Will and I went to Red Lobster. I don't really enjoy my birthday's, just my cake that's my favorite part and I had three cakes yesterday! I had one at work, one from my parents with my favorite cannoli filling and Will got me a Carvel ice cream cake. Luckily, this only comes around once a year!
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Happy birthday to you!! Hope ya had a great day!
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I hope everyone had a lovely birthday! My nephew turned 9 yesterday too!
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