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Gender queries

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While browsing this site I walk away thinking that there are a lot of female members on this site. Am I the only male around here, or are there more Maybe it's because cats are more appreciated by females (in general) then by males. I don't know, I've never been attracted to dogs very much.

I have a cat right now which is very black, although when she lays in the sun then you can see a reddish hue shining through; not in any stripes or other markings, but just in the black color itself. When she sits in the kitchen window on a summer night (outside of course) you can't see that's she's there at all until she looks at you; then all you see are two golden eyes staring at you, once in a while with a pink tounge. We've called her "spook".

I would really like to know what her breed is. She was dropped off by my house, so I don't know anything about her parents. Her tail and tongue both are the longest I have ever seen. She is very sleek and elegant when she walks, and has a very smooth / gracefull jump. She is also snobbish towards other "common barn cats". She also appears to be somewhat "high strung". While my other cats will calmy wait outside for food, she will run around from window to window going crazy until I feed them (at the regular times). You can't make a move around the house without her knowing it; she is very aware of what's around her, and will often be "spooked" by small little noises here and there.

If you have any ideas about her parentage, I would like to hear them...
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Welcome to TCS!!

You are right about the overwhelming majority of the members here being women!! There are a few men scattered around here and there. Amberthebobcat (John) is a man and so is Hydroaxe (Ryan). I have seen a few new members that are guys too!

Can't wait to see pictures of you kitty!!
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Welcome to the site! Don't worry, you aren't the only male on the site... but the female to male ratio is probably close to 50:1 Consider yourself lucky

If you have any questions as you make your way around the site, please let me know by clicking on my user name and sending me a pm. I will be happy to help in any way I can
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oh wow, looks like I'll have my veritable pick of the litter then LOL JK!
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All right, we've got a guy on here
Welcome!! I think it's awesome you came on and most of all - YOU HAVE A KITTY! Sounds like your little girl may have some Havana Brown in her! I love black cats that have that reddish hugh. Max had that a little bit. If he laid in the sun for any length of time he would also have a slight reddish coloring to his coat.

Glad to have you here!

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Another male here, and Tiggeroo is too!
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Hello, welcome to the site My name is John, even though my screen name suggests otherwise
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Looks like we have plenty of dudes on here
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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