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snotty cat

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Hi everyone, sorry that my first post is a question, so a quick introduction, We have 5 cats, 4 Tonkenese (Leo(11), Kitten(8), Tiny (6) and Squeak(6) and a fluffy black moggie called Patch who thinks he's a dog and moved in with us about 18 months ago. a dalmatian called Pudding, and a much loved 34 ex racehorse called Nellie

However, Kitten is beginning to really worry us. Ever since she was a kitten she's had a snotty nose. She's had the clamidia (sp) tests, lots & lots of other tests & also tested negative for cat flu - although how cat flu could go on in one cat for 8 years is beyond me but there you go.

It isnt caused by oil central heating or gas central heating or having no central heating at all....she is still snotty in all these houses
Neither is it caused by rubber backed or hessian backed or lino or laminate floor...or even a concreete floor........still snotty
No change in snottiness with different brands of food, although her throw up rate increases on wet food
not caused by dogs or the lack of them
we even quarantened her for a week in a brand new garage in a large sterilised cage with a sterilised litter tray/bowl/anti allergic bed and wore gloves /mask/hair tied backetc when cleaning out her litter tray, to see if she was allergic to humans....................stilll snotty

snottyness doesnt change at different times of the year, She is an indoor cat & never goes outside...windows & doors can be left wide open, she just doesnt DO outside....outside is for dogs (shudder) she will sit by the back door in the kitchen when its open & stop the dog getting back inside

the only thing I can think of now is that she's allergic to cat fur.

Worrying thing is now is that the snottyness is getting a LOT worse. Most mornings I have to clear her nose of dried mucus which is seriously affecting her breathing - she walked into the lounge this morning struggling to breathe and sat and waited for me to pick her nose for her. When she could breathe again, she went back to bed with the others.

Our vet is stumped - never seen anything like it before. The vet at our old old house was also stumped, ran every test he could think of, but nothing came back with useful results or an answer.

to test the cat fur allergy, can I give her 1/4 of a human allergy tablet?

Does anyone have any ideas please? before she covers the whole house in snot.

Thank you
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My kitty, Bunnie (6 yrs. old) had chronic - excuse this gross description - green snot that came out of her nose everytime she sneezed and after many many unsuccessful doses of Clavamox I took her to a specialist. She had a rhinoscopy with cultures and a biopsy (nasal polyp removed) done. It was determined that she has chronic rhinitis and because it was not diagnosed properly in the beginning it caused polyps to grow. It turned out to be a bacterial infection that would only respond to a couple of antibiotics. (she also cultured for fungus infections and they were negative) The one that worked for her was Zithromax. She'll always have "chronic rhinitis" and the possibility of more polyps so I'll have to keep my eye on her. It was expensive to get this diagnosed, but I'm glad I did it because she is so much better and suffered for so long....

I sure hope Kitten feels better and you find out what is causing her problem!

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Rocky has chronic rhinitis too. Basically he has chronic herpes and was really really sick as a kitten, both before and after I got him. This has caused feline asthma which presents as coughing. Coughing is a bad sign for him as he just seems worse and then he has periods of vomiting. This has treated by steriod shots and predisone pills. He's been pretty good the last few months so I'm hoping we will not have to go to a inhaler.
The rhinitis is just normal for him. I try to keep his nose clear. Whenever I see boogers in his nose I use a baby aspirator to get them out.. It usually causes him to sneeze and clears out his nose. He does sometimes sneeze on his own sometimes and it gets it out, but at the expense of having it stuck everywhere and his nice habit of sneezing on guests. It seems to help his breathing to clean it. I have to do it every other day or so.. He also has runny eyes and a corneal ulcer.
I would ask your vet if she thinks s/he may have the herpes virus and if l-lysine could help.. You don't mention if kitty has any other symptoms or hx.
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