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some pictures of my crew

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Here is my "fat cat" Dusty.

and the TOP CAT of the house: Tiger

My Handsome man: Pounce

(only one of him because every time I try to get them he walks up to me. hehehee)

And Angel (who may or may not be preg. with 1 baby???? LOL)

(this one shows the ONE little bump she has. hahahaha)

Don't look at the watering container it is an old one that my husband just found again (my kids lost parts of it. LOL and he just set it there so we can clean it, but they do have a new clean one, really!)

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They are cute... Angel looks like she got lighter Her coloring...
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nope think the other pictures just made her look more orange. she is actually more of an orangy cream. not as light as a cream but not as bright of an orange. heheheee.
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Awl! Tiger looks like a fierce kitty. I still think she's pregnant....
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Godiva--- Tiger definately rules this house. LOL She used to hate basically everyone, including us most of the times. LOL and would ONLY like to be pet if SHE wanted to. as she has gotten older she likes attention from us and now comes over to sit with us and get loves quite often. But man if anyone else is in this house she is gone, hidden and noone sees her. LOL

Not sure what to think of Angel still. LOL still no heat and getting a tad bigger, but still not big at all as you can see from those pictures....... Figure either a heat cycle or labor should be here in 2-3 weeks or so. LOL
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They are all goregous!!
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thanks I love my babies!
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Your babies are all beautiful
And Dusty just looks so huggable!
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Dusty LOVES to be hugged and snuggled. Her favorite place to be is snuggled up as close as she can be. We got her when my oldest was little (dusty is around 9-10) and let my oldest do whatever to her (we didn't allow this) but found her strapped into a doll stroller being pushed around, in a toy box, in a toy oven, just carried all over. She just let her do whatever and never protested (now me on the other hand. LOL). She lets my 2 youngest do whatever but tries to stay downstairs away from them now that she is older, but still just loves to be snuggled. I have some pictures of her laying down with my 16 mo. old laying her head on her all snuggled up. She is such a love bug!
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Your crew is very nice!
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Awww, they're cute
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