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Pooping Issues

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My cat boots has had a major pooping issure for a while now. It started when I moved into my new apartment, which was back in October. My apartment has 2 bathrooms, one for my roomate matt and I and the other is for our other roomate. He likes to poop on our bathmats for some reason.
When it first started, I thought he just did it when his litter box got too full as that seemed to be the only time he did it. Eventually he started doing it for no apparent reason, even when his litter box was fine. He also does this almost exclusively on the rug in the bathroom that belongs to my one roomate, not mine. Every once in a while however, if that bathroom door is shut he will do it in ours. We have started keeping our bathroom doors shut all the time, but it seems like now it's just a game for him wait for one of us to leave it open and he goes in and poops asap. He did it yesterday after I had left the bathroom door open for only 5 minutes. Lately it seems he only does it after I've just cleaned out his litter box which makes no sense to me. The other odd thing is that he sleeps on the rug in my bathroom a lot, so why would he want to poop on it? We have also tried replacing both bathmats in case he was smelling it even after washing, which didn't work.
There doesn't seem to be any reason or pattern to why he does it, so I have no clue. Help Please!
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Pooping outside the litterbox is often the result of something physically wrong with a cat. I strongly encourage you to take your cat to the vet.

If the vet determines there's no physical problem, you might try looking at the suggestions offered here:


Good luck!
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Are the bath mats near the toilet? Near enough that a human male might be accidentally dribbling on the mat without realizing it??
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what do you clean the litter box with? a residue smell may be driving him away from it. I would also thoroughly clean the area under the bathmats with something like nature's miracle or a citrus smell because while you cant smell the spot the cat can and may thinks that's the right spot for popping. this is all after you have checked the vet.n

sometimes adding some old litter to the new makes a cat feel more comfy with a litter box change too. final suggestion is to put a litter box on the spot he likes to poop and see if he uses ut there and then gradually move it to another location, ten inches at a time.
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