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Strange Eating

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Just now, I was sitting here in the living room, and Harley was in the kitchen - all of a sudden I started hearing something being dropped on the floor all over, and I went and peeked around the corner, and he is taking the food out of the dish with his mouth (like 4 pieces a time) and dropping them on the kitchen floor and then eating them

I just kinda laughed cuz I've never seen him do this before, he usually eats normal from the bowl.

Does anyone else's cats do this, or is Harley just having a silly kitty moment?
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I've seen dogs who like their food "take out." Can't say I've ever seen a cat do it though!
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I have a couple of my cats that do that. Yowdy always comes into to bed for the night with a couple of pieces of dry food that he eats sitting on the bottom of the bed then he curls up beside me and goes to sleep. This is a nightly ritual for him.
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I've watched various of my cats do the same thing, mostly with their wet food.
I think they don't want the floor, (or counter), around their dishes to be too clean.
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We've had lots of cats over the past years, and two of the strangest habits I've experienced were:
1- one of our cats loved to be 'hand fed'. She would stand by her dish and wait for me to put the food in my hand and she would then eat from my hand.
2- another one would 'scoop' the food from her dish into her cupped paw and eat it that way. We figured she had watched her 'mom & dad' eat this way and she was just copying us . (This was also the same one who 'learned' how a door knob worked and would stand up on her hind legs and open doors)--Pretty Smart Sadly, Kasey passed away 2 years ago, at the ripe ole age of 23!!
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Phenom will do that once in a while!! I think its cute to watch. She also has to bat it around a little if it lands on the floor before she eats it!!
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Abby does this with treats sometimes. When we first adopted her, she would do it with everything. She would pick it up, move a few steps away from the bowl, drop it, then eat it. I always used to think this was a habit she picked up in the shelter or before that, when she had to share her food with others.
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Molly does this all the time! She'll grab a couple of bits, bring them into the middle of the lounge (on the carpet) and eat them there!

All is well, so long as she eats all the bits!! Otherwise it ends up as mushy slush underneat my foot!
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I've never actually seen it, but I think that Mocha does that sometimes when I'm not looking. Sometimes I will come back from work to find three or four bits of dry food next the bowl, and occasionally one little piece turns up in a really odd place like on the floor across the room. These may be the "rejects" after she's moved them and decided that she's not hungry anymore.
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8-Bit does this. He will take out his dry food, and chase is around the room pouncing it, then once he has beat it into submission he will eat it. The first time I saw it I laughed out loud and scared him.
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Duke takes his wet food out of the bowl and eats it on the floor. Makes a mess doing it too.
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Maybe they are trying to "hunt" their food?
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My cat Ruxpin almost always does this with his dry food. He'll use his paws to scoop out a few pieces then eat them off the floor. Luckily he doesn't do it with his wet food, I could see how that could be messy. I remember reading something about it being sometimes harder for them to eat a bowl of food with a lot of pieces in it, so they scoop it out. I always thought that he was kind of 'hunting' it too, or maybe just playing with his food.
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Sam's made food removal an art form, he flops on his side and scoops the kibbles
out of his bowl with one paw, pulls them towards him and munches.
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mine does that, that's why I have a plastic mat under her food bowl. I just have to wipe that off and the floor is safe.
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I always thought that was a Siamese thing, every Siamese I have had has been a messy eater. Tolly is no better. I have tiled floors in the kitchen and utility room where they are fed, Tolly insists on taking his food into the dinning room where there is carpet. I have to shampoo the carpet regularly.
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