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The Pet Psychic

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Has anyone else seen The Pet Psychic on Animal Planet? What do you think of her? Think she's real or a real phony?

I'm not sure what I thought. It was really interesting, that's for sure. I never know about these psychics on TV...they could have been fed the information beforehand (the owners fill out a questionaire, they say she won't see it but she does, etc.) that makes her seem to know more than she does. On the other hand, it seems like there is some progress made behaviour-wise.

When she was in the studio (could you believe all those dogs, cats and rabbits in one room without chaos??) hubby noticed how all the pets really responded when she walked by. They all looked up at her, tail wagging, perked up.

Just wondering what other intelligent animal lovers thought of it.
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I'm not normally a skeptic but I have a hard time beliving all that. I recently read a book called "Dogs who know their owners are comming home and other unexplained powers of animals" by Rupert Sheldrake. The book was about what the title suggests but it also talked a little bit about people having psychic connections with their pets and other animals. The author felt that this connection between some people and animals does exsist but also went on to say that animal communicators who made a profit from it may very well be using their own thoughts as the animals.

I try to keep an open mind about such things but you won't see me tuning into that show any time soon.
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I have seen this program once last winter when it was a special, and once in the last couple of weeks. I have a hard time believing everything that goes on in this program, but I still have fun watching it. I have heard it is sometimes possible to communicate with an animal using mental telepathy and that mental picture images would be sent back and forth. It seems to me like this would be a very slow and difficult process.

On the Pet Psychic she always seems to get impossibly fast, detailed responses from the animals she is supposed to be communicating with, and this doesn't ever vary with different animals. She could be really good at guessing or she could be getting her information from another source like a questionaire.

I will probably keep watching this program occassionally, but the part that I like the least is when the Pet Psychic is supposed to be communicating with the spirits of deceased pets. She has even told owners that the spirit of their deceased pet would be returning to them someday. I think when she does this she is taking unfair advantage of people who are still grieving.
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Too much nonsense with her fast delivered dialoge. The mini horse that supposedly hadn't eaten for 2 months? hello reality........horse would of been DEAD! I know of a true animal psychic, she helped to heal my horse when he was gravely ill. Her, I believe in!
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A 'friend' from another forum was on that show!! She had her rabbits with her. (She's the one that cleaned her floor too much for her rabbit's liking! ) She said that she could NOT BELIEVE how right on this woman was. She claims that she didn't fill out any forms or talk to ANYONE before hand, either. She's throughly convinced.

If her experience wasn't enough, her friend went to the show with her and took her guinea pig, "Pooky". (They filmed on the same day, but aired on different episodes.) Pooky was the white 'pig with the pink bow clip in her fur. Apparently she likes that clip!

Anyway, she said that they cut A LOT of it out... that a lot more was said than you get to see, and that she spends more time with the animal than it appears. So.... who knows? I really like the show myself. I don't know if I believe it, but I don't want to discount it, either!
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I just don't buy it. I think it is fake...but who knows.
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I don't know about those animal psychics...they seem a little fishy to me. On the other hand though, I don't believe in real psychics either. Maybe they are real, maybe they aren't. Who knows?
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I think psychics (pet or human) are entertaining, but I don't believe that they have these powers. A friend went to a pet psychic at a dog show (the psychic was raising money for charity). Her dog wasn't with her, so the psychic tried to "connect" with the dog. Some of the things she said were pretty straight forward-Baillie (the dog) liked walks, liked the other dog in the house, didn't like thunderstorms, etc. However, the psychic said a few things my friend thought was a little...spooky. One, the psychic described her dog as having a split face-Baillie is a collie and has a blaze that unevenly divides her face. Also, the psychic said that Baillie remembered a very big room, high off the ground with big logs and a stairway to the ground-a pretty good description of their former house, where Baillie was a puppy. Was it true? Who knows, but it's become a popular party story.
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I think that it is much like most fortune tellers....she said things that would be true of most people, but says it in a way that it seems like it is true just for them. For example, she said that the terrier she was "talking" to liked to jump a lot. The people were amazed, but what terrier doesn't like to jump up and down? Also notice that when she says something and the people don't immediately respond, she changes what she says she is hearing over and over until the people say "yes!" So, anyway, if she makes people feel better I have no problems with her, but I don't think she is a psychic.
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Well, I ve never watched the Pet Psychic, but I'm still waiting to run into the guy in the red baseball cap that a psychic told me I'd be meeting. Maybe she forgot to tell him?!?
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I saw the ads for the show, and immediately thought it couldn't be true. I am skeptical about human psychics, as well, but a lot of the time you can get confirmation or not from the people talking to the psychic. It's a little harder with animals, to find out what they're thinking.
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Wouldn't it be funny if this lady got someone on the show with a cat, and she "read the cats mind" and said...."Your cat says..."Tell that old bag to let me out of the house once in awhile, and to stop talking baby talk to me, it's getting really annoying...and what's up with the new catfood, it sucks, tell her to try eating that crap!"

Sorry...couldn't resist!!!!! :LOL: :laughing: :LOL:
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When my boyfriend and I first saw previews for this program, we just looked at eachother and shook our heads at the same time! I don't buy into all that at all. But I guess it's okay for entertainment purposes!!:tounge2:
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Ok, due to this thread, I tuned into this show late last night. It's bad enough that she tells the owner what the pet is thinking. Then she adds insult to injury by telling the owner that she will communicate a message back to the pet!

The only thing that gave her any credibility whatsoever with the one guest and dog I saw was that she told the owner that the dog said it wanted some french fries, which turns out to be that dog's favorite treat. The mystery continues...
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