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Advice Needed~I don't know what to do

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Hi everyone. I really could use some advice, I'm at my wits end with my 8yo, Wolfie. He keeps pooping just outside of his box, at least 1x per day. It's been going on/off for at least a year. He pees in the box just fine. It doesn't matter if the litter is brand new or not. I've cleaned the box, even bought a new one.

I feed him Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. I read online that it might hurt when he poops so that may cause him to go outside the box. I've tried giving him a pouch of Little Friskies once a day, but that didn't help just made a maniac out of him wanting it! He is overweight (17lbs) and the last time the vet put him on a diet he developed crystals. I'm nervous about putting him on a weight mgmt food again.

The vet suggested moving his box to another location, which isn't an option. She also suggested giving him a little bit of Metamucil in the wet food once a week, to help things move along~that didn't cure it either.

He is a medium hair and does have problems with hairballs. Sometimes he'll poop outside the box when he vomits a hairball. I guess I could understand it happening then since the hairball is probably bothering him. But he still does it at other times.

Nothing in the house has changed to cause this that I can think of. We do have a 2yo son,but he pretty much leaves the kitty alone.

I just can't find a 'common thing' to fix... I don't know if I should try changing his litter to a scoopable kind, we use crystals. I've thought about buying a littermaid box for him... Maybe it's the food I'm feeding him...

Sorry this is so long, but I'm really frustrated and have run out of ideas.
Thanks for any advice you can give!

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He needs a second box, many cats don't like to use the same one for both businesses, and have them in separate places. How to get it working, is to first save a relatively fresh (but dry) piece of his stuff and put it in a corner of the new box. Show him the new box from a short distance away (don't dump him in it whatever you do or he'll never go back!) and leave him alone. He may not use it right away, but give him a few days, or a week and see what happens. Good luck.
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Please click here to read about how to stop poop problems.
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Also has the cat been to vet recently to make sure theres not a medical reason behind this? Only issue I've had in past is a cat spraying and one of my others licking up the pee-I sprayed vinegar on the wall once to start cleaning he came over took one lick and never did it again(and thankfully the spraying cat stopped-was neutered but hormmones still in system) RJ
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I understand completly and maybe there is no answer. I had a rex that did the same thing - she'd poop outside the box on the carpet/rug but pee in the litter pan. She did this with one other cat in the house to several in the house; so it was not a territorial thing and she did this from the time she was a kitten - never changed.

The ONLY thing that worked was to keep the pan on tile and not carpet. Then for some strange reason she used the pan consistantly. But as soon as you put the pan on a rug, she would go outside.

Many people gave me suggestions, none worked and no logical explanation.
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Unfortnately a second box isn't an option, there's just no where to put it. Plus he didn't have a problem using a single box for 6 years.

The pan is on a vinyl floor and it's not in a high traffic area. It's in the laundry room and I normally do laundry on Sunday's only. Our washer/dryer is relatively quiet so that shouldn't be scaring him. Maybe I need to leave a light on in there, it is pretty dark.

I took him to the vet a couple of months ago and she didn't think there was anything wrong, physically. That's when she suggested the metamucil because it might hurt to poop.

I really appreciate all the suggestions and welcome any more anyone else has!

Thanks again!
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Did you read the suggestions in the link I gave above?
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i have two large boy cats and started out with one pan.
sometimes they would stand in the pan and hang their butts over the outside of the box and poo on the floor. E for effort.
i got an additional box and put a night light in the litter room and no more problems....except when the box gets too full for their liking and then they'll poop right outside the box.
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I can't believe there isn't a 2' x 2' space another box can go. There has to be something else that maybe doesn't have to stay where it is. I know people have small homes, lotsa stuff, etc., but ...
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How about two smaller boxes that take up the same amount of space as the existing box?

Do these separate boxes have to be a distance apart?
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Try chaning his litter box to a large upright rubbermaid container. If he poops in there all of the time then chances are, he's gotten too big for his current box and his hind end wasn't fitting anymore. If he's still pooping outside of it, then you need to look into trying some other things. A second box, different kinds of litter, etc.
And honestly, cat poo outside the box is a lot better than cat pee! (unless he's got the runs!)

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