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Designated sleeping spots

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How about your cats, do they have a spot where they always sleep?

Mitzi likes to sleep in the middle of the couch if no one is around but if you're on the couch she'll hang out on the back of it. She also likes to sleep upstairs in the loft during the day but at night she'll sleep in bed and likes to lay on Brian's chest. She usually wakes us up by meowing in our faces or nudging us.

Xavier LOVES to sleep in boxes so if I order something through the mail I'll keep the boxes an extra day so he can sleep in it. He also likes to lounge on the back of the recliner and let his feet dangle down. He doesn't sleep in our bedroom at night and if you come out of the room he comes running so I don't know where he sleeps at night.

Fallon likes to sleep in bed with us too. Usually her and Mitzi fight over who gets to sleep in bed. She also likes to sleep on the couch. I think she just likes to sleep where Mitzi does and terrorize her.

Sampson sleeps out on the middle of the living room floor, his legs spread apart and his body twisted around. It doesn't look very comfortable but he always sleeps in that position. That and he likes to cram himself in the book case shelves and other small areas. He won't sleep in the bedroom at night though.
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Squirt and Joey both adopt a particular spot for a given amount of time, and then change it.

But, here's a funny story that just happened 2 nights ago. When I go to bed at night, both cats usually come up on the bed for awhile. If I am sitting up reading or watching tv, Joey comes and stretches out on my legs (always facing the foot of the bed). This is the closest he ever gets to being a lap cat.

So, the other night, for some unknown reason, Squirt comes up and sits in Joey's spot exactly the way he does. Joseph comes up next, and when he sees his spot is taken, he keeps walking up to Squirt and head-butting him to move. When Squirt wouldn't budge, Joey kept butting him a little harder. I was LMAO.
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Deb that is too funny.

They each have a couple favorite spots, and they each have a couple that we don't really know about.

Trent likes to nap in the top shelf of the headboard where I have some old sweaters (the headboard has drawers and armoir like things on each side). We have to keep one of the door open at all times or he will yell until he can get in. He likes to sleep on top of the cat tree at night when we are watching TV. He usually sleeps down by our feet, in between us, but stretched out along my lower leg (always touching) at night.

Ophelia usually hides when she sleeps. Her favorite place is on top of the satellite receiver, which is in one of those TV carts. She figured out early in life that Trent is too big to go in there, so that is her private spot. At night, she prefers to sleep on top of me (or hubby, but he flops around too much) on my lap, the back of my lap, or on my hip/side of tummy. If all else fails, she will curl up in the crook of my knee.
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Snowball's favorite place to sleep depends on what season it is. During the late fall and winter months he spends most of his time in a corner of the kitchen laying in front of a heating vent. The picture of Snowball in my signature was taken last winter and actually shows him in this nice warm kitchen corner. He also likes to sleep on my bed with me on cold winter nights. During the spring and summer he varies his favorite sleeping place a lot more. He can often be found lying on a rug that is centrally located in our home, my son and I have to keep walking past him and, of course, we have to stop and pet him too. Another favorite summer spot is in front of an open window, and sometimes we find him just lying on the floor in the middle of the living room or kitchen.
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Theo has the most distinct sleeping spots. he likes the top of the wall unit, either side, just as long as he's alone. There is a box of my daughter's things on the dining room table that caught his interest recently, and for the last week he's been sleeping there almost exclusively.

Mr. Lucky likes the floor, but he picks odd places like the bathroom floor between the tub and the toilet or near the foot of my bed facing the wall rather than into the room.

Purrboy usually likes to lay where he can touch me. For example, he'll lay on the back of the sofa and put a paw against my arm. If I let him, he'll eventually inch his way onto my chest, literally, above my bust and below my neck. he always comes in and tries to lay on my stomach when I go to bed, but he doesn't stay. He also likes to get on the wall units but only if Theo isn't there.
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Opie has taken over the new sofa. Rowdy likes Bill's extra pillow, up on the headboard. During the day, she naps on the dining table. Opie likes to nap up on the kitchen cupboards. The cooler vent points right there.
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Socks and Boo love to lay on the dining room table and Boo also likes to lay on the bricks that surround the free-standing fireplace. Socks' other favorite place to lay is in the round tube in his cat tree.
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Cleo likes to sleep on the top of an old steamer trunk I have--the kind that open up like a wardrobe rather than the top opening. I put an old towel up there to lay on. She also likes the windowsill in the bedroom--it's wide enough for her to lay on her side and dangle her feet off the edge.

She also likes to come lay down on top of me in the wee hours. It wasn't a big deal when she was a tiny cat--I'd just wake up at some point with a little cat laying on top of me. Now that she's bigger, it wakes me up when she starts walking up me from the foot of the bed.
Still, waking up to a purring cat laying on my shoulder isn't all that bad.
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Ivo sleeps on the back of my futon, in my "usual" seat in front of the TV (but only at night, because I kick her out if I'm watching TV), on my down comforter wherever it is, and on the floor next to my bed. Occasionally, she'll join me in bed, lying alongside my left leg. And now that it's been hot, she's been sleeping on the linoleum floor in my kitchen.
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I forgot about poor Ike. He gets to sleep here, if Rowdy lets him.
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Yeah, I can just see a bunch of bitches, drooling over that picture - until they notice that he's missing a couple of body parts!
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His poor neck looks so uncomfortable!
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Kiki likes to sleep in the bed with me if my husband isn't in bed, with everything but her head under the blankets curled up by my chest. When my husband comes to bed she goes under the headboard of our bed. I haven't figured out why she leaves when he comes to bed. I think it may be because of my husband's snoring.
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Faile sleeps at the top of the stairs, we live in a second and third floor apartment. She sleeps there a lot, day and night, like our little guardian.

Molly sleeps in the computer room, in a corner under a drafting table. She also sleeps a lot in the storage room, on top of a pile of boxes.

Needless to say, my lap when I am on the computer is fair game as well. Molly will usually join me if I am taking a nap, she also sometimes sleeps with us at night.

In my bedroom, now abandoned due to lack of air conditioning, I have a pile of stuffed animals. I put them in a corner when we moved in, intending to find a new space for them. Faile soon discovered them, and that is another favorite sleep spot, when it is cool enough to be upstairs. I guess the animals are staying where they are until Faile finds another bed.
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Cindy, cute picture of Ike. My Scoob lies like that sometimes and if I'd let him he'd do that on the couch.
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Oliver and Whisky sleep wherever they decide to plop down at the moment. I save boxes and bags but throw them out after a couple days when they are done with them. They really don't have "designated" sleeping places. Though Whisky tends to lay down RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALL where I walk.

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