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Sort of New!

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Well hello I am saying I am sort of new because I started an account and never came back. I think this is my first time coming back here in 2-3 years. I had recently just picked up a cat from the shelter. Well she is still with us and has grown into a very valued member of the family. I love her to dearly and I thought I would introduce her and I again I hope no one minds.

Here is me and my kitty.


I am still not sure what type of cat she is. I was told she was a Maine Coon Cat but I am still unsure!

Well I am looking to making new friends here!
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Welcome back to TCS!!

Reilly and I really enjoyed the video...Reilly couldn't take his eyes off her!! What a pretty kitty Tabitha is!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint As am sure you know cause ya posted the cute furkids aready... Now post more
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Welcome back!

If you have any questions as you are reacquainting yourself with the site, please let me know by clicking on my user name and sending me a pm. I will be happy to help in any way I can
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Hi and Welcome back again to TCS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hello It's nice to meet you! Welcome to TCS!

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