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sad kitten

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All my feral kittens have been placed and momma has been spayed and sent back outside. now I have my little indoor kitten Indy who's very lonely and sad. She meows constantly looking for her buddies.She follows me everywhere and I play with her a lot to distract her when she's sad.I was wondering how long it took everyone's kittens to get over missing mom and siblings.I hate seeing her so sad anymore ideas to help her out?
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Maybe you could bring back a buddy to play with. Several times over the years, Fred became an only cat, and he was miserable until I got him a kitten. If I didn't get him one, he would bring one home. Some cats just don't do well without a feline friend.
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I think that is right! Your babe is wanting a little sibling!
let us know........
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Awww ... poor little lonely girl! I have to agree, a buddy sounds like the way to go if you can swing it. Until then, just give her lots and lots of love.

Sending gentle chin-scritches to Indy,

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Indy is doing great now.She has two ferret friends and they literally play all day and then take little naps together.It's soooo cute.She';s responding to her name too and sitting on command b/c I've clicker trained her.So she's found some new friends and i let mom and big brother in to visit once and a while.Thanks, Angela
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